Please check here for any announcements regarding crucial updates to the vendor website!

9/23/2015: The International Routing Guide has been updated and completely overhauled by the Transportation department.

7/20/2015: The Domestic Collect Routing Guide has been updated to reflect the addition of the new Gap DC and closing of the Trenton DC.

6/30/2015: The new Gap Fulfillment Center addresses have been added to the routing guides! You can also find the key contacts at this DC on the Contact Us page.

6/30/2015: An updated Tradestone User Manual is now available!
Page 43: Update includes instructions on how to view “Sent to AP Date” and “Inventory Rec’d Date” on invoices (Domestic Net 30 Vendors only!).

6/18/2015: Import Transportation Contacts have been updated! You can find the updated contacts on the Contact Us page as well as in the Import Routing Guide.

5/14/2015 : Some minor updates have been made to the Import Routing Guide, such as contact information for the URBN transportation department.