Tradestone Vendor Profile Update Instructions


Vendors are responsible for ensuring profile information in Tradestone is accurate and up to date.  Vendors have the capability to update contact information manually, without the assistance of Vendor Relations.  Please review the below process for completing Profile updates:

  • Successfully log into Tradestone
  • View Dashboard and select ‘Update Vendor Profile’ 

Update Vendor Profile - dashboard

  • If you Trade with both the US and UK, you will see both Vendor ID’s.  Please select the US Vendor ID link shown below to update.

Vendor Profile Update step 2

  • You will have the option to edit fields where free type is available.  Greyed out fields may not be edited without assistance from URBN.  Please see Billing and Banking Information Update Instructions for instructions to update this information.
  • Once you’ve completed your updates, please SAVE and SUBMIT TO URBN

Vendor Profile Update

Save and Submit Vendor Profile Update

  • Purchase Order Information – This section relates to your Company / Office Address
    • Email(s) provided in this section will receive all PO Notifications (please separate emails by ‘comma’ and NO spaces – both PO Notification lines may be used)
  • Ticketing Information – In the event that an URBN DC needs to send you Fineline/Checknet tickets, please provide your ticketing address.  Please note, updates to your ticketing address should also be completed in Fineline/Checknet.
  • Vendor Relations Email – Email to receive all Vendor Relations correspondence and updates (please separate emails by ‘comma’ and NO spaces)
  • Billing Information – Please contact the Vendor Relations Team to update Billing information
  • Logistics Profile – Please contact the Vendor Relations Team to update Logistics Information
  • Financial Profile – Please contact Accounts Payable to update Banking information

Please be advised, all update requests for Billing, Logistics, and Financial information must be communicated via email. Updates will not be complete via telephone.

All internal changes pertinent to your Company information must be updated and maintained by the Vendor. Failure to do so may result in the wrong party receiving PO Notifications and Vendor Relations communication.

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