Tradestone Training

Please be aware of the below Tradestone Requirements and complete for each PO.  Chargebacks may be issued for non-compliance.

The Tradestone User Manual is your #1 resource for instructions to complete required Tradestone tasks.  Training videos are also provided for select processes.

Tradestone Process:

Whether a new or existing vendor, please be sure to review your party record in Tradestone to ensure your company details (contacts/addresses as well as billing/banking information) are accurate.  This information is critical in doing business with URBN.

1. Log on to Tradestone
2. Review Purchase Order
3. Enter Country of Origin (COO) and Accept PO
4. Enter the required Customs Descriptions by style
5. Generate the Packing List
6. Generate and print UCC-128 Carton Labels
7. Click “Send ASN to URBN” on the Packing List
8. Generate the Invoice

*Please use the Table of Contents in the Tradestone User Manual to locate instructions to complete the above tasks and more.

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