Pre-ticketing Registration & Ordering Instructions

Registering with URBN’s 3rd Party Service Bureaus

Please follow these links for registration instructions from our third party partners. When registering, you will use your five-digit vendor ID# with a 0 in front (e.g., 012345).

For further assistance with registering with our Service Bureaus, please see contact information below:

Customer Service: USA: 1-800-500-8687
Canada: 1-800-465-1890
China (HKG): 800-2156-9738 / 852-3590-6673

General Customer Service Helpline: 866-910-9106
General Customer Service Email:
USA and UK
Checkpoint Printing
Main: 1-800-257-5540
Hong Kong
Sammi You – Customer Services Representative
Checkpoint Systems HK Ltd.
Direct: +(86) 769-8779-7688 ext. 6195
Fax: 852-2527-8408

Ordering Tickets/Labels

Vendors are responsible for releasing their orders for printing, and allowing sufficient time to receive and apply the tickets/labels prior to the ship date.  As mentioned in the Pre-ticketing Overview, the type of ticket you will need to order depends on the Sell Channel of your PO – Retail or Direct, HOWEVER, vendors will not be responsible for selecting which tickets/labels to order.  The buying team will assign the necessary tickets/labels to each PO.  You will simply release the order for printing.

Please follow these links for ordering instructions from our third party partners.

DO NOT release orders for printing more than 90 days from the Ship, as indicated on your Purchase order. Orders are transmitted to our Service Bureaus at the time that they are issued. However, releasing orders for printing more than 90 days from the ship date is prohibited, as revisions to orders may take place after the initial transmittal of the order.  If tickets/labels are ordered prior to the 90 day window, vendor is liable for reordering tickets should any changes be made to color, sizing, or retail of item.

Vendors are not permitted to replace CheckNet/FineLine tickets and labels with substitute labels and tickets. Do not make any changes to information contained on the printed ticket or label.

You will find the pre-ticketing requirements according to sell channel one each corresponding page to the right.

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