Retail PO Pre-ticketing Requirements

How do I Pre-Ticket Retail Orders?

Required for ALL Retail Orders: Price Ticket and/or Label

For retail orders, vendor will be required to order price tickets or labels, depending upon the type of product being sold, from FineLine or CheckNet. The buyer will pre-determine what ticket or label is needed for the item and this will be shown to the vendor upon release of the order on FineLine or CheckNet. Retail orders do NOT require the 3×3 direct polybag label (with the exception of select UO apparel and accessories POs – please see below for further information).

Brands will also require jewelry cards to be purchased from EU Design.  Please visit the “Jewelry & Accessory Requirements” page to see section “Women’s Jewelry and Accessories Carding” for further information regarding ordering and application.

  • Labels are to be attached to the product, not to the packaging of the product, unless the product will be displayed in the packaging in stores.
  • Tickets are to be attached to the product using a plastic swift tack fastener, unless otherwise instructed by your buyer.
  • If the product is packed in a decorative display box or packaging, the label should be placed on the back, lower right corner of the box or on the bottom of the box. When in doubt, please check with your buyer to confirm how the item will be displayed.
  • The tickets or labels must not conceal any Country of Origin markings.
  • All vendor tags containing manufacturer’s suggested retail price must be removed prior to affixing URBN price tickets.
  • For any questions regarding retail ticket placement, please contact your buyer.


Retail Ticket/Label Placement Instructions

Please see exact retail ticket/label placement instructions based on the brand you are working with:


Retail PO Dual-Ticketing (Select UO Apparel and Accessories ONLY)

Please be advised that Urban Outfitters now requires dual ticketing (application of retail price ticket/label and 3×3 direct label) for RETAIL POs.  The dual ticketing requirement will affect select UO APPAREL and ACCESSORIES classes.  When you release your order from FineLine or Checkpoint, the system will display exactly which tickets/labels you are required to order.  If your UO RETAIL PO requires dual ticketing, you are required to order a price ticket and 3×3 direct label.  Please ensure that you are selecting BOTH the price ticket and the direct label before completing the order.

Please refer to the URBN Dual Ticketing Guide for ticket and label placement instructions.  *The Dual Ticketing Guide is for all Direct POs, but will also be utilized in this case for the UO Retail POs which require dual ticketing to advise ticket/label placement.*

Please also refer to the “Direct PO Pre-ticketing Requirements” page for Direct SKU Label Placement Instructions.

*It is critical that the retail ticket is not showing through the polybag on the same side as the direct label. The two barcodes should be on opposite sides of the polybag, so that the retail barcode does not interfere with scanning the 3×3 direct label barcode.


Free People Orders – Class 8131 

Free People POs for class 8131 requires a “return warning tag” to be ordered and attached to garments by the vendor prior to shipping.

  • The location of barcode/price tag WILL NOT CHANGE and should continue to be hung as usual on the left hand side of the dress.
  • The return warning tag should be attached on the right hand side of the dress on the OPPOSITE SIDE of the barcode/price tag.
  • You will release this return tag to be printed along with your barcode tickets.  There will be no added steps to ordering this additional ticket.
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