Ownbrand Vendor Portal Overview

Please see the information included in this section for Ownbrand vendor requirements and processes.

Tradestone and Design Center Information:

Tradestone (Bamboo Rose) is URBN’s PLM system where Ownbrand Vendors will manage Style Costing (Offers), Purchase Orders, Style Customs Descriptions, PO Packing Lists and Commercial Invoices. There is no cost in using Tradestone; however, there is a cost associated with Tradestone’s Design Center platform.

The Design Center in Tradestone houses the tech pack, also referred to as the Tech Spec. It is a separate area of Tradestone from where the purchase orders and costing (offer lines) are housed. Without access to the Design Center, a vendor is not able to access fit comments, tech packs, BOM, upload test reports, care instructions and many more useful areas. Design Center access comes at an additional cost.

Please follow the TS Key Registration Instructions if access to Tradestone’s Design Center is required. Key cost is $150 per year for 1 user or $300 per year for 2 users.

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