Non-Apparel Products

All non-apparel merchandise shipped to Urban Outfitters, Inc. (UOI) Distribution Centers in the US must adhere to the following marking guidelines.

(Please refer to the EU regulatory guidelines on the URBN EU Vendor Website when fulfilling URBN EU Purchase Orders)

Hard Goods

To be in compliance with U.S. and Canadian Marking Laws all hard goods must have a durable marking (1). This marking will be provided by the Vendor, and should contain:

  • Country of Origin – In English and French

*Plants (including: live, artificial or dried, flowers, shrubs, and nursery stock) do not require a country of origin marking.


In addition to adhering to the standard labeling requirements for hard goods, candles must also include the following “warnings” on the product.

1.)        Always burn a candle within sight

2.)        Keep candles away from things that can catch fire

3.)        Keep candles out of the reach of children.

 Food Products

Food products must include the following information:

  1. Name of the product
  2. Name, address and telephone number of manufacturer
  3. Country of Origin
  4. Weight or measure of servings per package
  5. Nutritional label containing nutrition facts (cannot contain the product name in the label)
  6. Ingredients
  7. Sell by Date
  8. Lot #
  9. Warning statement if applicable. For example “this product contain nuts, eggs and wheat” or “this product is made in a facility that produces nut, egg, and wheat products”

Beauty Products

All beauty products shipped to URBN must comply with the labeling requirements of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic (FD&C) Act, the Fair Packaging and Labeling (FP&L) Act, and the regulations published by the Food and Drug Administration under the Authority of these two laws. Some information on the label (detailed below) must be printed in both English and French, in order to be compliant in the Canadian market as well.

The following information must appear on the principal display panel (the part of a label that the consumer sees or examines when displayed for retail sale):

  • Identity Statement -in both English and French, indicating the nature and use of the product, by means of either the common or usual name, a descriptive name, a fanciful name understood by the public, or an illustration [21 CFR 701.11].
  • Net Quantity of Contents – in both English and French (metric and imperial units)- an accurate statement of the net quantity of contents in terms of weight, measure, numerical count or a combination of numerical count and weight or measure [21 CFR 701.13].

The following information must appear on an information panel:

  • Name and address of manufacturer, packer or distributor - If the name and address is not that of the manufacturer, the name must be preceded by phrases such as “Manufactured for …”, “Distributed by …”, or other appropriate wording. The name of the firm must be the corporate name, and the address may be that of the principal place of business. Stating also the name of a corporation’s particular division is optional. The business address must include the street address, name of the city and state, and the ZIP code. The street address may be omitted if the firm is listed in a current city or telephone directory.
  • Country of Origin
  • Ingredient Declaration - The ingredients must be declared in descending order of predominance. The ingredient declaration must be conspicuous so that it is likely to be read at the time of purchase.Cosmetics which are also drugs must first identify the drug ingredient(s) as “active ingredient(s)” before listing the cosmetic ingredients (21 CFR 701.3(d)). Ingredients must be listed only by their INCI (International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients) names. In the absence of an INCI name you may also use the name given in the United States Pharmacopeia, National Formulary, Food Chemical Codex, USAN, and the USP dictionary of drug names.
  • Directions – Directions, warnings or cautions, in English and French, where necessary for safe use (if hazardous to consumers when misused).
  • Batch Number

For additional information, and further detail on the above labeling regulations, please visit the FDA website.

Additional Note:  Material Safety Data Sheets are required for cosmetics that include alcohol or any other flammable materials within the ingredients. MSDS sheets must be submitted to your buyer/buying operations contact for review PRIOR to a PO being issued.  These must be included with the shipping documents that are provided to the freight forwarder/courier service.

*If you product is HAZARDOUS please refer to the “Shipping of Hazardous Materials (ORM-D)” section of the Vendor Guidelines for instructions on how cartons are to be packed and marked for acceptance into our distribution centers.


Beauty Product Samples

All individual beauty product samples must be marked with the following information:

  • Distributor’s name
  • Net quantity
  • “Sample – Not for Resale”
  • Country of Origin
  • any warning statements (if applicable)
  • any active ingredients

*Please note that HazMat requirements apply to beauty samples as well. MSDS sheets must be provided for ALL beauty products, regardless of size.

Where to Order Country of Origin Labels

Country of Origin labels can be ordered from any supplier or manufactured in-house by the vendor. COO labels are available for purchase from CheckNet. Please see below for COO label item codes: COO labels

(1) Durable markings include, but are not limited to, imprints, self-adhesive labels, and durably affixed hang-tags. Markings should not be affixed to polybags or to the UOI price tags and/or labels.

All products, including product Made in the USA, are required to have a Country of Origin marking.  

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