I am a drop-ship vendor. How do I ship?

This section only pertains to vendors that drop ship directly to the consumer on behalf of Urban Outfitters, Inc.  Your buyer will let you know if you are to drop-ship your orders. For routing instructions to our DC’s, please see the documents titled “Routing Instructions.”  For all VendorNet or Drop Ship inquiries, please reach out to your Brand Buying or Operations department contacts.

Vendors selected to drop ship product from your facility directly will adhere to the procedures below:

Urban Outfitters, Inc. will provide the vendor with:

  • Contact name and number for customer issues
  • Contact information regarding VendorNet/Drop Ship Onboarding
  • Shipping requirements and methods
  • Documents to facilitate customer return

Vendor must provide Urban Outfitters, Inc with:

  • Contact name/email and phone number to place orders
  • Required lead times to produce and ship merchandise
  • Production information with weight, shipping carton measurement
  • Confirmation of receipt of customer orders via VendorNet
  • Notification if orders are delayed due to production or stock shortages and new projected ship times
  • Timely shipment within required service level agreements
  • A detailed packing list. This list should detail the number of cartons per item, and the contents of those cartons
  • A detailed list of fees the vendor would like to charge. These fees must be approved by the Brand Buyer prior to drop ship vendor implementation. Fees include, but are not limited to:
    -Restocking fees
    -Packaging/Outbound fees

Once the order has shipped, Vendor must update VendorNet with:

  • Detailed order information including:
    • The tracking number for shipment
    • Order Number
    • Pick Ticket
    • Ship Date

Shipping Requirements

Vendors must use the required shipping methods. Please contact Brand Operations Contact for shipping methods.  For all other contacts, please see the Contact List in General Information.

Vendors must inform the Brand of any shipping delays prior to exceeding the expected shipment time. Vendors may be charged back for shipping fees charged to the customer in cases where they do not inform the Brand of a shipping delay.

Brand will be allowed the opportunity to have final approval of outbound packaging prior to shipping any customer orders.

Vendors will include a return instructions letter with each customer shipment that will be provided by the Brand.

Vendor will provide Customer Service brand contact with an email confirming order shipment within 24 hours of the actual shipment. If sent via a trackable method, valid tracking information must be provided.

Upon completion of drop-ship agreement, vendors should inform Brand Operations Department Contact for detailed shipping requirements and customer service contact information.

Vendor Related Damages and Defectives

If a Drop Ship order is returned due to quality issue, the Vendor may arrange a Call Tag to retrieve the item or ask that the customer/Brand discards. The vendor will then replace the Customer Order at vendor’s expense.

If a Drop Ship is returned due to damages caused by Carrier, a claim will be processed against that carrier.

Invoicing and Payment

All customer orders will be invoiced by the Vendor in the VendorNet portal once it has shipped.

Attached to the check will be an audit trail, which will detail the customer’s order. This detail will tie to a single line on the check.

Payment is sent in the form of a check via regular mail. Please allow for delivery.

If you have any questions regarding payment, please contact your AP Representative.

Payment Terms are Net 60:

Checks are run the Monday after orders hit the Net 60 status.
Payment is sent in the form of a check via regular mail.  Please allow for delivery.
Payments may be delayed for the following reason

      • Shipment was never confirmed to VendorNet by the Vendor.  We are unable to start the Net 60 timeline without confirmation of shipped & delivered goods.
      • Invoicing is not submitted when the order is shipped.  To ensure timely payment, please submit your invoice for payment promptly upon shipment of an order.
      • Incorrect or incomplete data on the invoice
      • The invoice is not submitted as detailed above.
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