Private Label Letter of Credit Instructions

Effective January 1, 2021, URBN has transitioned to a Non-Bank Issuer or Private Label Letter of Credit (PLLC) program.

Under the PLLC program, letters of credit issuances / drawings will still be processed and reviewed by a banking partner, similar to traditional Commercial or Bank-Issued LC’s, but will be backed and guaranteed by the parent organization, Urban Outfitters, Inc. rather than a financial institution.
For any details relating to Urban Outfitters, Inc.’s creditworthiness and financial position, our latest financial statements can be found on the Securities and Exchange website under the ticker “URBN”.

To request a Private Label L/C, vendors should complete the LC Application in its entirety and provide the corresponding Purchase Orders that will be covered under this letter of credit to LOC@URBN.COM.

Letters of credit cannot be used for Landed Duty Paid (LDP) or Deliver at Place (DAP) shipping methods.  Any PO’s with these shipping terms must be paid via Wire Transfer/ Open Account.

All fees related to letters of credit will be incurred by the vendor/ beneficiary.
A general summary of the fees associated with the PLLC are as follows:

  • Payment of PLLC – $45.00
  • SWIFT – $25.00
  • Courier – $25.00
  • Handling – $25.00
  • PLLC Amendments (if applicable) – $65.00
  • Discrepancy Fees (if applicable) – $80.00
  • Additional Invoice Charge – $10 per invoice over 10 per drawing
  • Commission in lieu of Exchange – 0.25% on each LC drawing amount presented by a beneficiary located in Hong Kong

Additional Advising Bank / Transfer fees may be charged by the selected Advising bank.

In order to best ensure that any discrepancy fees are not incurred, the following documentation should be submitted when drawing upon the Private Label LC:

  • A commercial invoice showing purchase order number, style number, item description, quantity, unit FOB, Total FOB and statement of country of origin.
  •  An original clean inspection certificate, issued and signed by an authorized representative of your company
    •  Inspection certificate is not required for sample/proto orders
  • A signed packing list showing contents of each carton by size and color.  Net weights and gross weights per style must be included.
  • Air waybill or Clean On-Board Bill of Lading consigned/ endorsed to Urban Outfitters, Inc., marked notify UPS, FedEx Trade Networks, Geodis, DSV or ACS.  A copy is acceptable.

*** Please do not include additional documentation with the letter of credit presentations, but only the requested documents.  Please note, if you supply any additional documentation beyond what is outlined in the Letter of Credit, this may incur an additional handling/ storage charge from the bank that will be deducted from your LC presentation.  Please refrain from including excess documentation to avoid these additional fees.

*All AP/payment inquiries should be sent directly to the AP representative listed on the Contact Us page.*

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