Import PARCEL Shipments


Small Parcel Import Shipping Procedure:

Low quantity (small) POs & Samples accompanied by a Tradestone PO planned to move via Air Freight, that cannot be consolidated with other orders/PO’s can be requested to ship via UPS Small Parcel.   

*Shipments weighing less than 68kgs should be shipped via Import PARCEL, unless otherwise instructed by your buyer.

  • UPS Portal has been established to aid Vendors in printing UPS shipping labels. 
  • Vendors will be provided a unique authorization number upon approval of the request.   
  • Authorization number & each PO# must be entered in the UPS portal when generating your labels. 
  • URBN will be responsible for freight and duty and serve as the Importer of Record. 
  • The UPS Portal will only allow 20 cartons per pick-up; if the request exceeds 20 cartons, then additional pick-ups will need to be scheduled using the same authorization number.
Instructions to ship via Small Parcel:
  • Tradestone Packing List and Commercial Invoice are required for all US Import Shipments.
  • Vendor is responsible for emailing the Tradestone Packing List and Commercial Invoice to and requesting authorization to ship via UPS.
    • The following must appear on the Tradestone Commercial Invoice:
      • Country of Origin (COO)
      • Customs Description(s)
      • Harmonized Tariff Serial Number (HTS #)
        • If the HTS code is not visible on the Commercial Invoice at the time of Commercial Invoice generation and request for authorization, URBN Customs Compliance will assign the HTS code upon review.
      • Name & address of Actual Manufacturer (MID Information)
        • Required for all textile products and products covered by US FDA.
  • URBN Transportation reviews shipment details, verifies PO urgency with buyer, and will respond to vendor confirming UPS eligibility within 24-48 hours.
  • If determined eligible, URBN Customs Compliance reviews Tradestone documents for accuracy and will advise vendor of any corrections required.
    • If no HTS number is assigned in Tradestone or visible on the invoice, the URBN Customs Compliance team will enter the number into Tradestone and advise the vendor to reprint the Tradestone invoice so that the HTS number is visible.
  • Once PO documentation has been approved by URBN Customs Compliance, URBN Transportation will issue a return email with the UPS Courier authorization number.
    • The URBN Authorization Number will be required to generate Parcel shipping labels in URBN’s UPS portal.


How to Create UPS Parcel Shipping Labels?

Please contact for log in credentials and instructions to generate your UPS Parcel Shipping Labels.

  • If you have questions about shipping via UPS, how to schedule a pickup, or where to find your closest UPS location, please go to
    • If you’re unable to find answers to your questions on and require further assistance, please email:
      In the subject line, please reference “Attn: URBN UPS Support”.


*If your PO is shipping to a URBN Facility in the UK, please follow the appropriate routing guide on the UK vendor website.

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