How to Read your PO

PO Information:
Please see the below information to understand the fields on the header of your PO.  These fields are determined by the buying team in accordance with vendor capabilities and logistics.

You will use the selections for each field to determine how to fulfill, ship, and bill for your PO – The URBN Vendor Website provides guidelines to comply as outlined on the PO.

Bulk # (PO #):
Prefix Guide –

  • 3 leading zeros (e.g. 0001234567):
    • US Retail, US Direct, EU Free People Retail, EU Free People Direct, US & EU Free People Wholesale
  • 30000 prefix (e.g. 300001234):
    • US & EU Anthropologie Wholesale
  • 400000 prefix (e.g. 400000123):
    • US & EU Urban Outfitters Wholesale
  • EU + 4 leading zeros (e.g. EU0000123456):
    • EU Retail, EU Direct

Retail: PO to fulfill store inventory
Direct: PO to fulfill customer web orders
Wholesale: PO to fulfill wholesale orders

Ship Date: first day PO can arrive at URBN’s DC
Cancel Date: last day PO can arrive at URBN’s DC

Ship Mode:
Refers to the mode of transit.

Import: International shipment where URBN is acting as importer of record (IOR)/landing merchandise
Domestic: Domestic shipment OR international shipment where vendor is acting as importer of record (IOR)/landing merchandise

FOB Point:
Refers to the point of PO handover (ownership) from vendor to URBN.  Vendors are responsible for shipping and all related costs up to the designated FOB Point.

Ship To:
Refers to the POs final destination.
*The full ‘ship to’ address for each DC can be found on the PDF copy of each PO*
US DCs –
GAP: Gap, PA Retail DC
GFC: Gap, PA Direct DC
REN: Reno, NV Retail DC
RNO: Reno, NV Direct DC
BRO: Bristol, PA Rental DC (Nuuly)
IFC: Indiana, PA Furniture/Non-Conveyable DC
China DCs –
ITO: China DC
ACS: China U-Turn
EU DCs –
ENF: EU Rushden, UK Retail DC
ENF1: Rushden, UK Direct DC

IP Class:

URBN product classification.

Pay Terms:
Refers to when payment will be issued.

Pay Type:
Refers to the method of payment.

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