How do I ship domestically?

Domestic vendors are responsible for shipping costs to transport goods to URBN distribution centers and should follow the “Prepaid” Routing Instructions below, unless otherwise arranged with the buyer and approved by the URBN Transportation Department.

Domestic Prepaid Routing Instructions

1. All PO’s are to be shipped to the final destination DC specified on the PO.

Vendors with prepaid freight terms are responsible for all freight charges associated with shipments to URBN, Inc.  We prefer that the below carrier list is utilized, however, you may use the carrier of your choice.  If shipping by parcel carrier, please limit your shipment to 20 cartons and 200 lbs. Any shipment that exceeds 20 cartons and 200 lbs must be routed via common carrier.

Carriers not included in the below list must schedule a delivery appointment with the associated URBN, Inc. receiving department (listed below).  Appointments are not required for small parcel shipments (under 200 lbs. AND fewer than 20 cartons).

Gap (Retail): 717-442-1211 or 717-442-1218

Gap (Direct): 717–442-1279

Reno Retail (Echo Ave): 775-971-1316 or 775-971-1309

Reno Direct (Moya Blvd): 775-971-1357 or 775-971-1362

2. Important Requirements

  • LTL (Less than Truckload) and TL (Truckload) shipments are required to be palletized on 4-way pallets (grade 1 or 2).
    • For vendors shipping UK orders to the Gap DC, please see the requirements for heat-treated pallets below.
  • Bill of Lading must satisfy requirements laid out in BOL instructions page (enclosed).
  • URBN, Inc. will not be responsible for any carrier delivery notification fees, appointment fees, or detention charges.

3. Bill of Lading Instructions (For Domestic Shipments Only)

A Bill of Lading is required for all domestic shipments, TL (Truckload) or LTL (Less than Truckload).  A Bill of Lading is not required for shipments shipped via small parcel (under 200 lbs. AND fewer than 20 cartons).

The following information must be legible and included on the carrier’s bill of lading:

  • Complete address of shipper
  • Complete address of consignee (“Bill To” on the Purchas Order)
  • Urban Outfitters, Inc. purchase order numbers
  • Brand (Anthro, FP, UO, etc.) and Channel (Direct or Retail)
  • Number of cartons per purchase order
  • Total number of cartons
  • Freight terms – should read “prepaid”
  • NMFC (National Motor Freight Classification number) – See Below

A Bill of Lading that does not list carton count as the number of units will result in a chargeback.  Pallet counts listed as units are not acceptable.

What is NMFC?

The National Motor Freight Classification (NMFC) guide is a list of all items, in theory, that could possibly be transported by a common carrier.  The list of items then has a class associated with each item.  The class is used by the common carrier of the goods to determine the rate of the shipment (along with distance and weight).  If you don’t know the shipment classification of your shipment, you can call your carrier, with the following information:

    • Description of items
    • Value of items
    • How items are packaged
    • Density of items – This is calculated by comparing the weights of an item with the space it takes up (pounds/cubic feet)
    • Whether the item is new or used

How can shippers access the same NMFC classes that the carriers use?
They can purchase copies of the NMFC guide, which is sold through the NMFTA (703) 838-1810

How can shipper contact the NMFC if they have questions on classes?
By calling them directly at (703) 838-1810

4. Routing Instructions

Origin: Los Angeles Basin (zip codes 900-928, 930-931)

Weight Carrier Contact Ship To Special Instructions
1-200 lbs UPS N / A Refer to P.O. None
201+ Gilbert West GPRCS@gilbertusa.comPhone (909) 628-5968  option 1Fax (909) 628-5746 Refer to P.O. Only if PO destination is Reno Retail or Direct DC – 24 Hour notice required
201+ YRC YRC: (800) 610-6500 Refer to P.O. If PO destination is GFC or Gap DC


Origin: CT, NJ, NY Commercial (zip codes 100-119)

Weight Carrier Contact Ship To Special Instructions
1-200 lbs UPS N / A Refer to P.O. None
201+ Gilbert East     Phone (800) 245-6161 Refer to P.O. Only if PO destination is Gap DC Guaranteed same-day pickup if called in by noon
201+ YRC YRC: (800) 610-6500 Refer to P.O. If PO destination is GFC or Reno DC


Origin States: All Others

Weight Carrier Contact Ship To Special Instructions
1-200 lbs UPS N / A Refer to P.O. None
201+ YRC YRC: (800) 610-6500 Refer to P.O. None


5. DC Shipping Addresses

For reference, the DC addresses are found below. These addresses will be on each PO and Packing List.

  1. Reno Retail DC (REN)
    6640 Echo Ave.
    Reno, NV 89506
    775-971-1316 or 775-971-1309
  2. Reno Direct DC (RNO)
    12055 Moya Blvd.
    Reno, NV 89506
    775-971-1357 or 775-971-1362
  3. Gap Retail DC (GAP)
    755 Brackbill Rd.
    Gap, PA 17527
    717-442-1211 or 717-442-1218
  4. Gap Direct DC (GFC)
    766 Brackbill Rd.
    Gap, PA 17527

Heat-Treated Pallets

For vendors shipping UK orders to the Gap DC, pallets must be in compliance with the International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures (ISPM) and International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) standards regarding heat treatment of pallets.

HT – Stands for heat treated. Methyl Bromide (MB) fumigation is another acceptable option that complies with ISPM and IPPC standards. Heat treating requires ‘cooking’ the pallet to 130 degrees for ½ hour. The MB process is a chemical process. Either process is acceptable. In some cases, pallets may undergo both processes.

Examples of Properly Heat-Treated Pallets

Heat Treated Pallets - 3

Heat Treated Pallets - 2

Heat Treated Pallets

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