How do I “pre-ticket” my products?

URBN requires all vendors to pre-ticket their products prior to shipping. The type of ticket you will need to order depends on the Sell Channel of your PO – Retail or Direct. Below you will find the general ticketing guidelines for each sell channel.

Please follow these links for instructions from our third party partners.

Vendors are not permitted to replace CheckNet/FineLine tickets and labels with substitute labels and tickets. Do not make any changes to information contained on the printed ticket or label.


How do I Pre-Ticket Retail Orders?

Required for ALL Retail Orders: Price Ticket and/or Label

For retail orders, vendor will be required to order price tickets or labels, depending upon the type of product being sold, from FineLine or CheckNet. The buyer will pre-determine what ticket or label is needed for the item and this will be shown to the vendor upon release of the order on FineLine or CheckNet. Retail orders do NOT require the 3×3 direct polybag label.

Anthropologie jewelry retail orders will also require a leather jewelry card, to be purchased from EU Design. For specific instructions, please see Retail Label Placement Instructions below.

  • Labels are to be attached to the product, not to the packaging of the product, unless the product will be displayed in the packaging in stores.
  • If the product is packed in a decorative display box or packaging, the label should be placed on the back, lower right corner of the box or on the bottom of the box. When in doubt, please check with your buyer to confirm how the item will be displayed.
  • The tickets or labels must not conceal any Country of Origin markings.
  • All vendor tags containing manufacturer’s suggested retail price must be removed prior to affixing URBN price tickets.
  • For any questions regarding retail ticket placement, please contact your buyer.

Retail Ticket/Label Placement Instructions

Please see exact label placement instructions based on the brand you are working with:

 Urban Outfitters

Free People
Free People Wholesale

How do I Pre-Ticket Direct Orders?


For all direct orders, vendor will be required to order direct SKU labels from FineLine or CheckNet. A price ticket/label will also be required for the majority of orders. The URBN Dual Ticketing Guide can be found here.

Please see below for which items will require both a direct label and a price ticket/label. If you do not see your product category listed under the brand you are working with – you ONLY need the direct SKU label.


Dual ticketing is not required for Terrain or BHLDN orders.

Reminder: When you release your order from FineLine or CheckNet, the system will display exactly which tickets/labels you are required to order. If you are required to order a direct label and a price ticket, please ensure that you are selecting BOTH the direct label and the price ticket before you complete the order.

  • The direct label will include the following information as indicated on the PO:
    -Item Number
    -Item Description
    -Size & Color (if applicable)
  • All existing barcodes on the packaging should be removed or covered.
  • All vendor tags containing manufacturer’s suggested retail price must be removed prior to affixing URBN tickets/labels.
  • All merchandise that is shipped in a polybag with an opening greater than 5” needs to have a warning label on the bag that states the following (or something similar):

Warning: To avoid danger of suffocation, keep away from babies and children. Do not use in cribs, beds, carriages or play pens. THIS BAG IS NOT A TOY

  • Do not cover the warning with the direct SKU label.
  • If the warning is preprinted on the center back of the polybag where the label should be placed, put the direct SKU label directly above or below the warning.
  • If manually attaching a warning label to the polybag, the warning must be placed directly above or below the direct SKU label.

Direct SKU Label Placement Instructions

  • The direct SKU label measures 3” x 3”. For items packed in a polybag, the label must be placed on the center back of the individual polybag. Please ensure that all packaging has a surface area that will accommodate the size of this label.
  • If the item is packed in an individual box that does not require a polybag, the SKU label should be placed on the center back of the box. Boxed items MUST be placed in a polybag if the SKU label will obscure ANY images or product information contained on the box.
  • If the packaging is too small to accommodate the SKU label, it is permitted to fold the label in order for it to fit the largest side of the package. Please make every attempt to have the Item Number fully visible.
  • For tubular shaped products, such as posters and maps, the label must be placed with the barcode running lengthwise with the tube.
  • For all direct home products shipped in cartons, the direct SKU label needs to be placed on the top of the carton, so that the label is facing up when conveyed.
  • Retail ticket should be attached to the garment according to the Retail Ticketing Guidelines
  • Direct SKU label should be placed on the center back of the polybag
  • It is critical that the retail ticket is not showing through the polybag on the same side as the direct label. The barcodes should be on opposite sides of the polybag.

Furniture box

Please see click here for the URBN Dual Ticketing Guide and exact label placement instructions based your specific products.

Please click into the following general categories for example images of correct direct label placement:

Boxed, no polybag

Boxed, in polybag

Tubular Items

Polybagged, with suffocation warning

Beauty Products

You can find our pre-ticketing instructions and product marking requirements for beauty products by reading the Beauty Pre-Labeling Guide.

Furniture (Direct Orders)

  • If the item is in a box measuring 5×15 inches or smaller, it will fit on the conveyer system and the direct SKU label should always be placed in the center of the largest flat surface.
  • If the item is in a box larger than 30×20.5×15 inches, it will not fit on our conveyer system. In this case the direct SKU label should be placed on the “easiest accessible point”.
  • When determining the “easiest accessible point” please keep in mind that our goal is to have the direct SKU labels fully visible when the boxes are stacked in our warehouse. (Depending on the size and shape of the box, this may be the side or short end.)
  • If the item is in a box larger than 30×20.5×15 inches, it is acceptable to place the direct SKU label on the same side of the box as the UCC128 label as long as the two do not overlap each other.

The most important thing to remember is to never place the UCC128 or direct SKU labels where they would be covered OR where the barcode would need to be bent/folded over a corner/edge.

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