How am I required to mark my products?

This section provides an overview of general labeling rules as they apply to products sold in the US, Canada, and Europe.  Each vendor is responsible for ensuring that all products made for Urban Outfitters, Inc. are in compliance with all applicable laws, rules, guidelines, and regulations.

All products, regardless of type*, require a durable Country of Origin (COO) marking that is visible to the end consumer. This includes products that are Made in the US.  The Country listed must be the Country where the product is manufactured. Vendors must define the Country of Origin by stating ‘Made In’ or ‘Manufactured In’. Other nouns such as, Produced, Created, Built, or ‘Product of’ will not be accepted. Please review the side bar tabs by commodity for additional product marking requirements.

*Live Plants do not require a country of origin

URBN has developed care/content labels, which include all required information as described below.  The work is already done for you – you simply enter the variable information! If this option does not suit your company, please develop your own care/content labels that adhere to all of URBN’s requirements.


*Below is a summary only. For the full requirement guide, please reference the specific guide on the right applicable to your product category!

Apparel, Fabric Accessories, and Home Textiles

Ownbrand Vendors:

Please refer to the URBN Global Fabric and Apparel Testing Manual for Apparel product marking requirements/guidelines

Market Vendors:

Please refer to the below product marking requirements/guidelines

All Urban Outfitters products must contain the following information (for specific accessory requirements, please refer to the accessory product marking chart below):

  • Fiber Content – Translate in 5 languages (English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish)
  • Care Symbols – The symbols must appear in this order: washing, bleaching, drying, ironing, and professional care
  • Care Instructions – Written in English and French
  • Importer Identification – RN #, CA #, and EU address
    • RN# and CA# are both required unless manufacturer name is equivalent to brand name
  • Product Identification – The style number or the PO number. The PO number or Master PO number is recommended for market vendors
  • Country of Origin – “Made In” information written in English, French, and Spanish
    • For apparel: French and English will need to be on a separate woven main label placed at the neck or back of the garment.  Spanish COO is not required to be placed at the back of the neck or waistband, and can be included on the care/content label placed in a side seam
  • Size – All wearing apparel and accessories, as required, need to contain a size tag indicating the numeric (2, 4, 6, etc.) or alpha (Small, Med, Large) size of the item. All sizing displayed on the product must coincide with the size indicated on the purchase order.
    • Petite styles must include “P” or “Petite” after the size.

Non-Apparel & Hard Goods

All products require a Country of Origin marking. For specific product categories, please reference the Non-Apparel guide found on the right!

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