Do I need a Bill of Lading?

For Domestic Shipments Only

A Bill of Lading is required for all domestic shipments, Truckload or LTL (Less than Truckload). A Bill of Lading is not required for shipments shipped via UPS or Fed Ex.

The following information must be legible and included on the carrier’s bill of lading:

  • Complete address of shipper
  • Complete address of the Ship To location (For all Pre-paid freight shipments)
  • Complete address of the Ship To location, as well as the Consignee. This will be the “Bill to address” indicated on the purchase order. (For all Collect freight shipments)
  • Urban Outfitters, Inc. Purchase Order number
  • Brand (Anthro, FP, UO, etc.) and Channel (Direct/Retail)
  • Number of cartons per Purchase Order
  • Total number of cartons
  • Freight terms (Prepaid or Collect)
    • If you are unsure of your Freight terms, please contact your Buyer or Vendor Relations
  • NMFC (National Motor Freight Classification number) See Below

    Multiple Purchase Orders shipped to the same location, on a given day, must be shipped on one Bill of Lading.

    A Bill of Lading that does not list carton count as the number of units will result in a chargeback. Pallet counts listed as units are not acceptable.

    What is NMFC?
    The National Motor Freight Classification (NMFC) guide is a list of all items, in theory, that could possibly be transported by a common carrier. The list of items then has a class associated with each item. The class is used by the common carrier of the goods to determine the rate of the shipment (along with distance and weight). If you don’t know the shipment classification of your shipment, you can call your carrier, with the following information:

    • Description of the item(s)
    • How it is packaged This is calculated by comparing the weights of an item with the space it takes up (pounds / cubic feet) 
    • Whether the item is new or used
    • Density of the item(s)
    • Value of the item(s)

How can shippers access the same NMFC classes that carriers use?
They can purchase copies of the NMFC guide, which is sold through the NMFTA (703) 838-1810.

How can shippers contact the NMFC if they have questions on classes?
They can call them directly at (703) 838-1810.


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