What should I enter as my Customs Description?

Please follow below requirements when entering customs descriptions into Tradestone.

Apparel/Textile Accessories:
  1. Gender
  2. Knit or woven
  3. Type of garment/accessory
  4. Fiber Contents (including weight percentages of fibers)

Example: Ladies Woven Blouse 100% Polyester

  1. Gender
  2. Type of shoe (i.e. boot, slipper, flat)
  3. Content of upper
  4. Content of outsole
  5. Covers ankle or does not cover ankle

Example:  Ladies sandal, textile upper, rubber sole, does not cover ankle

Ladies boot, leather upper, rubber sole, covers ankle

Mens tie shoe, textile/leather upper, rubber sole, does not cover ankle

Jewelry/Hair Accessories:
  1. Material content
    • Indicate if precious metal, semiprecious, or precious stones are used
  2. Type of jewelry (i.e. bracelet, necklace, etc.)
  3. If there are textile components, indicate the fabric content and knit or woven

Example: Base metal post earrings

  1. Fiber contents (i.e. textile, polyurethane/plastic, leather)
  2. Type of item

Example:  Cotton handbag with leather trim


If textile:

  1. Knit or woven
  2. Type of accessory
  3. Material Content (including weight percentages of fibers)

Example:  Woven Belt 50% Cotton/50% Polyester

If non textile:

  1. Material content
  2. Type of accessory

Example:  100% polyurethane belt

  1. Gender
  2. Knit or woven
  3. Material content
  4. Lined or unlined
  5. If coated with plastic or rubber

Example: Ladies Knit Gloves 100% Wool Unlined

  1. Gender
  2. Knit or Woven
  3. Type of item
  4. Fiber content

Example: Mens Woven Hat 100% wool

  1. Material content
  2. Type of glasses (i.e. sunglasses or reading)

Example: Plastic sunglasses

Textile Linens:
  1. Knit or woven
  2. Type of item
  3. Fiber contents (including weight percentages)
  4. Indicate whether the fabric is damask or not
  5. If bedding, include if quilted or not quilted and if embellished or not embellished

Example: Woven Tablecloth 100% Cotton, damask

  1. Type of clock (i.e. clock with watch movements, alarm clock, wall clock, etc.)
  2. Electrically operated or not

Example:  Alarm clock, battery operated

  1. Electrically operated or winding mechanism
  2. Display type (mechanical display or opto-electronic display)
  3. Whether it has stop watch capabilities or not
  4. Type of item

Example:  Electrically operated watch with mechanical display, does not have stopwatch

Cosmetics/Beauty Products:
  1. Type of item
  2. Type of container that the product is in
  3. Net quantity of each unit
  4. Contains alcohol or does not contain alcohol

Example:   Hand lotion in plastic tube does not contain alcohol, 30 grams

  1. Knit or woven
  2. Type of item
  3. Material Content
  4. Pile construction or non-pile construction
  5. Tufted or not tufted
  6. Knotted or not knotted
  7. Dimensions

Example: Woven Rug 100% Cotton, non-pile construction, not tufted, not knotted, 100 cm x 100 cm

  1. Type of umbrella (i.e. handheld or garden)
  2. Telescoping shaft or non-telescoping shaft

Example:  Handheld umbrella with telescoping shaft

  1. Material content
  2. Upholstered or not upholstered (for chairs and sofas only)
  3. Type of furniture (i.e. chair, sofa, table, etc.)
  4. For indoor or outdoor use

Example:  Upholstered indoor chair with wooden frame

  1. Fiber contents (including weight percentages)
  2. Type of fill (polyfill or down)

Example: 100% cotton woven pillow with polyfill

Wall Art:
  1. Whether image is printed or embroidered
  2. Type of item
  3. Framed or not framed

Example:  Printed wooden wall art with frame

  1. Item
  2. Coated or non-coated

Example: Coated wallpaper

Electronic Accessories:
  1. Material content
  2. Type of item
  3. Number of speakers (if the item has speakers)
  4. Whether it emits radio frequency or not

Example:  Plastic stereo with 2 speakers, emits radio frequency

  1. Hardbound or softbound
  2. Type of book (i.e. art/pictorial, children’s)
  3. Number of pages

Example:  Hardbound art book with 350 pages

  1. Material Content
  2. Type of light (i.e. chandelier, lamp, wall light etc)
  3. Wired or not wired
  4. Whether for household use or not

Example:  Iron table lamp

  1. Type of item

Example: Candle

Utensils/Drinking Glasses/Serveware:
  1. Material content
  2. Type of item
  3. Has stem or not
  4. If it has etched/engraved glass
  5. Indicate whether it is food/drink safe or not

Example:  Stem drinking glass, etched, food safe

Toys/Novelty Items:
  1. Material content
  2. Type of item

Example:  Polyester stuffed animal


If you do not see your product type listed, please contact the customs compliance department.

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