China Testing & Product Marking Requirements

China Testing & Product Marking Requirements


Goods cannot be imported into China without having been properly tested and labeled, it is imperative that any vendors selling goods to URBN understand and comply with the testing/labeling/ticketing requirements.

Ownbrand and Market vendors will each refer to the designated guidelines for Testing and Product Marking Requirements. Both Ownbrand and Market vendors will also be required to reference the China Pre-ticketing requirements to comply with China customs.

China Testing Requirements:

The Ownbrand and Market Testing requirements provide information on the National Safety Standard, as well as how to select the proper product standard.

Product that fails any required test cannot be imported into China. Vendors must reach out to their URBN buying or production partner if test results indicate the goods do not meet Chinese National Safety and Product standards.

URBN must certify the accuracy of testing / labeling / ticketing information at the time of entry into China, and incorrect information could impact the URBN import program and may result in a chargeback.

Please also refer to the below Product Marking requirements and Pre-Ticketing Section  for detailed instructions on China customs requirements.  Vendors will be required to enter the National Safety and Product Standards in Tradestone to comply with pre-ticketing requirements.

China Product Marking Requirements: 

All units must include the Global Care/Content + Size label to comply with China regulatory requirements. Vendors will not be authorized to use their own Care/Content + Size label – vendors may not render their own Chinese translations for the Care/Content + Size label.

Vendors must order the Global Care/Content + Size label from an URBN nominated supplier.

MARKET Market Global Apparel Testing/Labeling Manual
(Located within the Testing/Labeling Guide)

OWNRBAND  Ownbrand Global Apparel Testing/Labeling Manual
(Located in Section 2)

Example of the Global Care/Content + Size Label for Apparel + Intimates:
(Please click image to enlarge)

Global Care + Size Label - Example

Vendors may apply the Global Care/Content + Size label in addition to the Care/Content label already included in the garment OR opt to replace the existing label.  For placement instructions, please refer to the below guide (please click image to enlarge).


Apparel Global Care + Size Placement



In addition to the Global Care/Content + Size label, vendors must include the Main label (Branded label), COO, and US Size label. Ownbrand vendors should follow the Main Label package requirements on the Style Tech Pack. Market vendors should contact their Buyer with Branded or Main label questions.

Nominated Global Care/Content/Size Suppliers:

Checkpoint Systems Inc / ALS
To place orders on Checknet Catalog go to:
For assistance with ordering or questions please contact:
Checknet Helpdesk via Email:
via Telephone:  1-800-257-5540

 Primary Checkpoint Contact Info by Country:

Checkpoint Systems Inc U.S.A. Contact Info
101 Wolf Drive, Thorofare, NJ 08086  T:  1-800-257-5540  Contact: Bonnie Stemple


Checknet Systems Inc HK Contact Info
4/F., Block A, Shatin Industrial Centre, 5-7 Yuen Shun Circuit, Siu Lek Yuen, Shatin, New Territories, Hong Kong

Please cc both of the below on emails:
Sammi You:
Tel: +(86) 0769-87797688 ext. 6195
Winnie Cai

Tel: +(86) 0769-87797688 ext. 6205

Please see the Checknet Global Care Label Manual for Global Care Label ordering instructions, Care Code Library, and customer support details.

LabelTex Mills Incorporated
6100 Wilmington Avenue

Los Angeles, CA 90001-1826
T: 323-582-0228
T: 800-523-TRIM
F: 323-582-3222
Contact: Rebecca Cocco

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