China Pre-Ticketing Requirements

China Apparel Pre-Ticketing Requirements


All product sold in the China Marketplace must include the China Safety Tag, displaying the National Safety Standard and Product standard according to testing requirements outlined for Ownbrand and Market Vendors.

Market Vendors are responsible for entering the National Safety Standard and Product Standard in Tradestone before the China Safety Tag can be ordered.  Please refer to the Market Global Apparel Testing/Labeling Manual for instructions to choose the proper standards.
Ownbrand vendors – please refer to PG. 60 of the Ownbrand Global Apparel Testing/Labeling Manual.

In addition to applying the China Safety Tag, vendors will be required to apply the 3×3 Direct label. China POs will not require a Retail Price sticker or ticket.

Vendors must be registered with Checkpoint to order the China Safety Tag and 3×3 Direct Label.   Please register before entering the National and Product Safety Standard in Tradestone.  Vendors are not authorized to replicate the China Safety tag or 3×3 Direct label.

China Safety Tag Requirements:

1.  Entering the China Safety Standards in Tradestone
2.  Ordering the China Safety Tag and 3×3 Direct Label from Checkpoint

Vendors should order both the China Safety Tag and 3×3 Direct label at the same time and not separately.

Example of China Safety tag by Brand:
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China Safety Tag - All Brands

3.   Applying the China Safety Tag

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China Safety Tag Placement

  • Vendors must apply the China Safety Tag with the barcode facing out.
  • Vendors will need to refer to the Short SKU listed on the China Safety tag, 3×3 Direct label, and on the Tradestone Purchase Order to ensure the garment is properly ticketed.

*Failure to apply the China Safety Tag and 3×3 Direct label correctly may result in a Chargeback.*  

China 3×3 Direct Label Requirements:

China POs will require the application of the China Safety Tag (See above instructions) and the 3×3 Direct label. Vendors should release BOTH the China Safety Tag and 3×3 Direct label from Checkpoint at the same time to ensure both items are applied. 

The direct label will include the following information as indicated on the PO:
-Item Number
-Item Description
-Size & Color (if applicable)

  • The direct SKU label measures 3” x 3”. For polybagged items, the label must be placed on the center back of the individual polybag. Please ensure that all packaging has a surface area that will accommodate the size of this label.
  • All existing barcodes on the packaging should be removed or covered.
  • All vendor tags containing manufacturer’s suggested retail price must be removed prior to affixing the China Safety tag and 3×3 Direct label.
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