China PO’s

Welcome URBN China Vendor


If you’ve received an URBN PO shipping to China, please refer to the checklist below.  The guidelines below are provided to ensure you are completing all required tasks and fulfilling all requirements to ship to China!  You will need to reference the China information presented on each tab in addition to using the Tradestone User Manual to complete all PO tasks.

It is imperative that the below requirements be followed for China POs. There are no exceptions. If you feel as though you cannot fulfill the below requirements, please contact your Buyer or Production Partner immediately

Vendor To Do List:

  1.  Log on to Tradestone to view your order, enter Country of Origin (COO), and accept your order
  2.  Enter the required customs description of your product in Tradestone
    **Vendors shipping to China must include the total content of the garment shell, lining and filling (if applicable) in their Tradestone Customs Description.  Content for each piece of the garment should equal 100% in total**
  3.  Register with Checkpoint in preparation of Ordering the China Safety Tag and 3×3 Direct Label
  4.  Enter national standard and product standard in Tradestone
  5.  Prepare PO for Shipment!
  6.  Build Tradestone Packing List
    • Print Packing List and apply to the first carton of the shipment
    • Packing List must be provided to the freight forwarder for ALL China POs
  7.  Print UCC-128 carton labels from Tradestone Packing List and apply to each carton
  8.  Send ASN to URBN from Tradestone Packing List
  9.  Generate Tradestone Invoice
    • Tradestone Invoice will be required for Payment for all China POs
      • Only China U-Turn POs shipping to ACS will require the TS Invoice for Handover.
    • Follow Billing instructions to ensure payment is not delayed.
  10.  Follow the appropriate China Routing Guide to arrange shipment according to the PO freight terms

For additional Tradestone assistance, please refer to the Tradestone Training documents on the US URBN Vendor Website.

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