China Packaging Requirements

China Packaging Requirements


All China POs will be raised as a DIRECT sell channel, so all apparel must be polybagged. China requires that polybags include 2 small holes for venting. Vendors are not permitted to ship in polybags without 2 holes.  Please see below for additional China packaging requirements:

If you are working with the URBN production team (ownbrand/private label order), please refer to the individual style tech pack to obtain specific folding and packing instructions. Instructions will be included in PDM indicating whether a style requires individual polybags or other specifications.

CHINA – Packaging Requirements: 

1.  Individually polybag or box each unit
  • Polybags for China POs must include 2 small vent holes (example below)
  • Polybag must be securely sealed in a way that will prevent the item from being able to fall out of the bag.  Bags may be sealed by clear tape or zip lock closure. Staples are not permitted.
  • All merchandise that is shipped in a polybag with an opening greater than 5” needs to have a warning label on the center back of the bag that states the following (or something similar):
    Warning: To avoid danger of suffocation, keep away from babies and children. THIS BAG IS NOT A TOY. Do not use in cribs, beds, carriages, or play pens.
2.  Place 3”x3” direct label from Checkpoint on each polybag
  • Polybagged Items– label must be placed on the center back of the polybag.
    • Label should not cover the suffocation warning.  Please center the 3×3 direct label above or below the warning if necessary.
  • All MSRP labels must be removed and any vendor barcodes should be removed or covered, so they do not interfere with the 3×3 direct labels.

China Polybag + Ticketing Requirements - Example

Things to remember:
  • Only one PO is permitted per Packing List.  Multiple PO’s may not be packed on the same Packing List.  There should also only be one Packing List per PO.
  • All orders must be shipped with a Tradestone packing list and Tradestone UCC128 carton label(s) – No Exceptions!
    • The Tradestone packing list should be attached to the outside of the lead carton of the PO, in a “Packing List Enclosed” envelope.
    • UCC128 Carton Labels are to be attached to the short side or end of the carton. Click here for example of placement.
  • ASN data is retrieved from Tradestone and transmitted to our Warehouse Management system.  It is critical that the Packing list and UCC128 carton labels match the carton contents, and the ASN sent.
  • Mixed Cartons must contain dividers separating the SKUs
    • Please keep the number of mixed cartons to a minimum and pack mixed cartons only when necessary (i.e. for small order quantities).
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