China Billing Requirements

China Billing Requirements


All Ownbrand and Market vendors will be required to generate a Tradestone Invoice, from a correctly created Tradestone Packing list, as well as submit a proforma invoice to the China Finance Team for payment.  Both the Tradestone Packing list and Tradestone Invoice must be generated prior to shipping.  The proforma invoice must be submitted no later than 30 days after PO delivery.  Please send proforma invoices to 

Proforma invoices require the following information to be approved for payment:

  • Invoice number
  • Invoice date
  • Remittance information
  • URBN CHINA vendor number
  • URBN CHINA  purchase order number
  • URBN CHINA SKU and color
  • Product description
  • Unit cost (inclusive of all discounts and allowances)
  • Vendor item number
  • Quantity
  • Total amount owed
  • Country of Origin

Vendors are not permitted to include US and China POs on the same invoice; however, multiple POs for China may be included on the same invoice if shipped together.  Instructions for adding more than 1 PO to an invoice can be found on PG. 51 of the Tradestone User Manual.

The current Pay Type defined on your US Tradestone Party record will apply to China POs; however, Pay Terms for all China POs will be NET15 upon receipt of goods at Itochu Warehouse.

Please refer to the China Customs and Routing Requirements to verify if the Tradestone Invoice is a required along with the Tradestone Packing list for handover.

Payment for China POs will be issued in US Dollar.

Delays in submitting invoices or failure to correctly generate a Tradestone Invoice may result in a delay of payment.

Please see below for additional Billing Instructions by Pay Type:

Domestic US ACH Payments

Vendors with a US Bank Account being paid via ACH will be required to submit the TS Invoice. No further action is required.

International Wire Payment

Vendors with an International Bank Account being paid via WIRE will be required to submit the TS Invoice. No further action is required if you’ve already received payment via Wire in the past. Accounts Payable will seek additional information for first time wire transfer payments.

International Letter of Credit Payment

Vendors with an International Bank Account being paid via Letter of Credit will be required to submit the TS Invoice. L/C’s can only be established using the following steps outlined below and returning the completed application to LOC@URBN.COM.

  1. A completed L/C Application
  2. Copies of all related Purchase Orders

Factory or its agent should fill out all 19 items of the L/C application fully and accurately. Item # 18 should state a brief, generic description of shipped goods (i.e. “shoes”, “wearing apparel”, “accessories”, etc.).

Any L/C related inquiries can be sent to LOC@URBN.COM

Please do not contact your US Accounts Payable rep for questions regarding payment for China POs.

For ALL questions regarding payment for China POs, please contact

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