US Billing and Banking Information Update Instructions


If your Billing name is changing, please contact your buyer immediately, as changes to this information may impact existing Purchase orders. A changed Billing name will result in a NEW vendor registration and may delay outstanding payment for existing orders. In the event a NEW vendor registration is required, your buyer will need the NEW Company/Billing name, Contact Name, and Email address to initiate a Tradestone Vendor Registration. For additional questions, please contact the URBN Vendor Relations Team:
Gail Swisher –
Blair Jones –


Billing address updates should be communicated directly to Vendor Relations.  Please include your 5 digit URBN Vendor ID and new address for updates to be made.  Please contact Abby at for billing address updates.


Vendor Banking information will is not visible on the Tradestone/Bamboo Rose Vendor Party Record.  Vendors will only have access to view the Default Currency, Default Pay Type, Pay Term, Bank Country, and Factor Assignment.

All requests to update the Banking Information (Bank Name, Bank Acct Number/IBAN, ABA/Swift/Sort Code, US Tax Number) on the Tradestone/Bamboo Rose Party record must be sent to the US Finance Team.  Please refer to the following contact information for submitting Banking Updates:

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