Apparel Technical Manual

The Apparel Technical Manual is to be adhered to by all Ownbrand apparel vendors. “Ownbrand vendors” are defined as those who work with the URBN production team. If you have questions regarding this manual, please reach out to the URBN production contact you are working with.

Section I – Standard Information
Vendor Welcome & Process
How to Use a Block
Pattern Import – Export procedures
Woman’s Base Size Body Measurement
Men’s Base Size Body Measurement
Urban Outfitters Inc Brand Sizes & Grade Jumps
Tall & Petite Conversions
Vendor Standard Procedure for Washed Garments
Summary of Basic Tolerance
QA Vendor Procedure & AQL Chart

Section II – Minimum Quality & Construction Standards
Minimum Standards
Structured Woven Standards
Soft Woven Standards
Knit Standards
Sweater Standards
Bra Standards

 Section III – Recommended Suppliers

Section IV – Common Stitches
Stitch Type Matrix – English

Stitch Type Matrix – Chinese
Decorative Stitch Matrix

Section V – How to Measure
General Guide

Section VI – Fabric and Garment Requirements
URBN Fabric Requirements and Fabric manual (Section 3 of manual)

URBN Garment Requirements and Garment Test Manual (Section 4 of manual)
AAFA Restricted Substances

Section VII – Packing
Packing Instructions
Pre-Packs Excluding Individual Polybags

Section VIII – Labeling Act
Come Clean
Labeling Act

Section IX – Standard Grade Rules
Urban Women’s
Urban Men’s

Free People

Section X – URBN Mannequin Ordering Info
Alvanon Order Form

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