What’s New?

Please be sure to regularly check this page for the latest vendor updates:

December 2020

⭐ We have now introduced Incoterms to all EU purchase orders as part of a phased update from Dec 21st 2020. Please be sure to check the Incoterms before accepting your PO – for a copy of the update that was sent out to all EU vendors, please reach out to EU Vendor Relations!

November 2020

⭐ All video tutorials have now been updated for help with using TradeStone – please visit the TradeStone Training page to watch these!

March 2020

⭐ We have now rolled out our new TradeStone Commercial Invoice capability, to include UK VAT – please visit the Billing and Payment page for further information!

August 2019

⭐ We have now launched a new ticketing bureau for Urban Outfitters – Elite labels. They’ll be printing and dispatching tickets in both Turkey and the UK – please visit the Service Bureaus page for further guidance!