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Please be sure to regularly check this page for the latest vendor updates.

If you missed any of these and need a copy of the full update, then please reach out to EU Vendor Relations!

Please also ensure your TradeStone vendor profile is up to date with the most accurate email address to ensure you receive these going forward: How to Update your Vendor Profile

July 2021

⭐ We are pleased to announce that our third party service bureau, Checkpoint/Checknet, have a new facility now open in Spain as of July 1st! For a full list of the locations of all of our service bureaus’ print facilities, please click here!

Please note: certain ticket types are only available at select printing facilities – the bureaus will default the nearest printing facility to the vendor based on product availability. Vendors are expected to cover all freight and duty from the designated print location to their point of delivery. 

June 2021

⭐ As of June 28th, all vendors shipping from Turkey will be required to handover their goods to our new partner, Zencargo. From this date, no POs will be accepted into the DC that have shipped via Davies Turker/Ekol. Zencargo is in the process of contacting all vendors with a handover point within Turkey. Please ensure you respond to their communication by the end of the week to get set up on their system to be able to make bookings! For further information on this, please see the Transportation section of our vendor website where information will be made live on June 28th!

May 2021

⭐ URBN’s Terms and Conditions have been updated as of May 13th 2021 (section 3e has been updated). To view these, please click here!

May 2021

⭐ POs still in NEW status (not yet accepted by the vendor) that are revised by the URBN buying team, will no longer prompt a PO status change to URBN Revision. Market vendors will no longer receive a PO revision email for changes made prior to PO acceptance. A PO will only be considered as ‘revised’ when a revision is made after the PO has been accepted in TradeStone.

May 2021

⭐ Our UK distribution centre is relocating. Over the next few months, you will see a change to the ‘ship to’ location on your POs. Please ensure all POs are accepted! The new DC will be referenced as PFC (Peterborough Fulfilment Centre). The relocation to our new site is being phased over the coming months but all purchase orders will be directed to our new fulfilment centre from July 19th 2021 onwards. However, as noted above, please make sure you are aware of the ‘ship to’ location indicated on your purchase order. Our new address is:

URBN Peterborough Fulfilment Centre, Unit 3, Forli Strada, Alwalton Hill, Peterborough, PE7 3HH

April 2021

⭐ A series of new multiple price tickets and labels has launched for Urban Outfitters only! These will replace existing single price tickets and labels for all new orders and any existing orders you have not yet received tickets/labels for. All of our service bureaus are set up to print these and the expectation is that you order through them directly. The Print Centre will not be printing these orders any more.

Please Note: This does not impact Anthropologie or Free People brands/POs!

April 2021

⭐ Please be advised that as of 13th April 2021, the Packing List Screen in TradeStone will be revised.

Please Note: The method for creating your Packing Lists has not changed, and you will only notice differences in the layout and field names.

April 2021

⭐ For those vendors who make a booking directly with our DC bookings team (brequest@urbn.com), you will now be required to enter a customs description directly in TradeStone before requesting the booking. For further guidance on how to enter this information, please visit the Customs Descriptions of Goods page.

March 2021

⭐ TradeStone now has two new queries that enable vendors to see if/when their POs have been received. You will find the instructions here: How to Check whether your POs have been Received in TradeStone.

February 2021

⭐ Urban Outfitters EU are pleased to launch a 100% recycled and recyclable poly bag through our new partner, Mainetti. All UO EU vendors should switch to using this product with immediate effect to ensure that we can all work steadily towards eliminating single use plastic from our packaging. For further guidance on this, please visit our Polybag Distributors page.

Please Note: these poly bags are only to be used by vendors fulfilling Urban Outfitters EU orders!

January 2021

⭐ HM Revenue & Customs has published new guidance on UK GSP rules. It is no longer acceptable for registered exporters using the REX system to make their preferential origin statements on our TradeStone commercial invoices. For further information on this, please visit the Preferential Certificates page.

December 2020

⭐ We have now introduced Incoterms to all EU purchase orders as part of a phased update from Dec 21st 2020. Please be sure to check the Incoterms before accepting your PO.

December 2020

⭐ On December 2nd 2020, it was announced that U.S. Customs and Border Protection (“CBP”) placed all cotton and cotton products from Xinjiang Production and Construction Corporation (“XPCC”) and its subordinate and affiliated entities on the Withhold Release Orders (“WRO”) list, based on information that reasonably indicates the use of forced labor, including convict labour. To see the full announcement and for a copy of the update that was sent out to all vendors, please reach out to EU Vendor Relations!

December 2020

⭐ The Brexit transition period exit date is scheduled for December 31st 2020, at which point, the UK will leave the EU single Market and Customs Union. This outcome will have an impact on product conformity assessment, product marking and market access for the products URBN sells within the UK and EU. To find out what this means for you as a vendor, please reach out to EU Vendor Relations for a copy of the update that was sent out to all vendors.

November 2020

⭐ All video tutorials have now been updated for help with using TradeStone – please visit the TradeStone Training page to watch these!

August 2020

Anthropologie vendors only! From Monday 17th August, our UK DC will be relocating. Please ensure you check the ‘Ship To’ field on the PO to see if this has been raised to our new DC in Peterborough (shows as PFC on the PO Report). If you ship with our nominated carrier then they will ensure the goods gets to our new DC for you but if you ship using your own carrier, then please ensure you ship to our new address. For more information, please visit the Shipping Via Own Carrier page.


March 2020

⭐ We have now rolled out our new TradeStone Commercial Invoice capability, to include UK VAT – please visit the Billing and Payment page for further information!

August 2019

⭐ We have now launched a new ticketing bureau for Urban Outfitters – Elite labels. They’ll be printing and dispatching tickets in both Turkey and the UK – please visit the Service Bureaus page for further guidance!

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