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Urban Outfitters, Inc. (URBN) is committed to ensuring that all products sold to its customers are of the highest quality and meet all applicable regulatory standards.  To ensure that all standards are met, URBN has developed a regulatory compliance program for its vendors to follow.

URBN vendors are responsible for ensuring that their products are in compliance with all applicable regulations at the federal, state or local level in the market where the products will be sold. The regulatory guides provide a high-level overview of the main product categories carried by URBN and the regulations that apply. However, the vendor has ultimate responsibility for ensuring its product complies with the most current regulations. If a product is not included in the Regulatory Guidelines, it does not necessarily mean it is exempt from regulations and/or testing.

Please see URBN Regulatory Guidelines to access the guide.  The URBN Regulatory Guidelines are username/password protected – please contact your URBN buyer for assistance in obtaining the username and password if needed.

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