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Tradestone is URBN’s Purchase Order Management system. This is used to manage the flow of orders and provide end-to-end visibility of the Purchase Order’s life cycle.

Tradestone web link:

Tradestone Manual:   Tradestone User Manual

Each PO must have its own packing list and set of carton labels! 

An invoice can then be generated from the approved packing list and once one invoice has been produced, multiple POs can be added to the same invoice if POs are shipping together. This should be actioned wherever possible! For further guidance on how to consolidate multiple POs onto one invoice, please see page 61 of the TradeStone User Manual! 

Key Steps:

1. Log on to TradeStone using your permanent login credentials sent to you by EU VR Support!
2. Review Purchase Order – Page 12
3. Enter Country of Origin (COO) and Accept PO – Page 15
4. Enter the required Customs Descriptions by style – Page 26
5. Generate and Print the Packing List – Page 29
6. Generate and Print the Carton Labels (UCC-128) – Page 42
7. Click “Send ASN to URBN” on the Packing List – Page 45
8. Generate the Invoice – Page 47

Your PO is ready to ship!

How to Check whether your POs have been Received in TradeStone.

For any support on the use of TradeStone, please contact

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