Shoes Compliance Guidelines


Please Note: In the interest of sustainability, we actively encourage the use of recyclable and recycled packaging. We are continuously reviewing our supply chain to identify areas in which we can make improvements.

As part of this activity we would appreciate that, wherever possible, plastics used during the packaging process are either fully recyclable or produced from recycled material. 


The below guide covers Shoes. The below is a mandatory requirement and must be carried out by the vendor. Any deviations from the below can result in a chargeback.

Boxed Shoes 

All boxed Shoes / Trainers to be labelled on the right shoe then SKU Label to be adhered to middle of box bottom. All boxes to be closed with an Elastic Band.

 photo73     Photo74

Bagged Shoes

All bagged Shoes / Sandals to be labelled on the right shoe, then SKU Label to be adhered to opposite size to all other barcodes on the Bagged Shoes.

Photo75     photo76

If you are unsure of the instructions, please contact also remember to provide a photograph of your product, your PO number and vendor ID.