Service Bureaus

Vendors are required to order their price labels and web labels from one of our preferred service bureaus; Elite, Checknet or Fineline (the Print Centre will service all of our UK Anthropologie and Free People vendors only).

Vendors are responsible for releasing their orders for printing, and allowing sufficient time to receive and apply the tickets/labels prior to the ship date.  The buying team will assign the necessary tickets/labels to each PO.  You will simply release the order for printing.

DO NOT release orders for printing more than 90 days from the Ship Date, as indicated on your Purchase order. Orders are transmitted to our Service Bureaus at the time that they are issued. However, releasing orders for printing more than 90 days from the ship date is prohibited as revisions to orders may take place after the initial transmittal of the order.  If tickets/labels are ordered prior to the 90 day window, vendor is liable for reordering tickets should any changes be made to colour, sizing, or retail of item.

Please do not supply your own labels or make any changes to the information contained on our labels.

Registration Guidelines:

Please ensure you advise your buyer once you are registered with a bureau so that they can upload the ticketing instructions to their portal!

Overview of Service Bureaus

Please note: certain ticket types are only available at select printing facilities – the bureaus will default the nearest printing facility to the vendor based on product availability. Vendors are expected to cover all freight and duty from the designated print location to their point of delivery. 

Please follow these links for registration instructions from our third party service bureaus. When registering, you will use your five-digit vendor ID# with a 0 in front (e.g., 012345).

For further assistance on registering/ordering with our Service Bureaus, please see contact information below:

UK, EU and Turkey

ELITE- *Remember you will need to register BEFORE your PO is issued. Elite are currently able to supply tickets/labels for Urban Outfitters orders only. For EU Anthropologie vendors, please register with Checknet or Fineline – details above and below.


Placing an order using Elite

EU Print Centre- UK Anthropologie and Free People vendors only. You will not need to directly register with the EU Print Centre. Your vendor details will be pulled through from your TradeStone profile. Please therefore ensure your ticketing address is up to date. To do this visit: Vendor Profile Updates


Rest of World

FINELINE- *Remember you will need to register BEFORE your PO is issued.



Pramod Kumar:

Brandon Binns: (ext: 3409)

Fineline/FastTrak User Guide

Hong Kong

Ken Lee: 800-2156-9738

Wendy Fok: 852-3590-6673




CHECKNET-*Remember you will need to register BEFORE your PO is issued.

General Customer Service Email:

General Customer Service Helpline: 866-910-9106

URBN CheckNet User Manual – Contact Details for each specific location can be found on pages 47/48.



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