Fabric and Testing Procedure

The below procedure has been designed to enable the risk assessment of all products. It is the shared responsibility of the Vendor and Urban Outfitters to ensure all goods are safe, fit for purpose and legally compliant.

Vendors are responsible for ensuring that all Urban Outfitters products are REACH compliant:


  • Care labels/packaging must not be printed until the Vendor has submitted a completed Topsheet and relative Test Reports for approval. This must be accounted for in the critical path.
  • Topsheets and test reports to be sent via email to the relevant technologist. The title of the email should include the style name and number e.g. UR1051 Soft Shell Bomber(Do not CC Buying or design as this duplicates workload)
  • All apparel and soft home lines must be tested to 40 degrees without bars (see manual for exceptions).
  • All glassware must be dishwasher safe. All ceramics must be dishwasher and microwave safe. Any exceptions must be agreed by the relevant technologist.
  • All hardlines must comply with all relevant directives/ regulations/ standards and be labelled accordingly.
  • If a product has a sustainable credential, e.g. organic, the vendor must submit the necessary certification as well as completing the web copy section of the topsheet.

E.g. This product contains 100% organic cotton and has been dyed with beetroot. This information will be used to populate the online description.

  • Full testing requirements are available in the Vendor Manual.

Vendors may print their own care labels using the artwork found on the vendor website under testing manuals.

  • Vendors may print their own packaging ensuring legal wording, safety warnings and instructions are in accordance with all relevant directives, regulations and standards. Further information can be found on the vendor website under testing manuals.

Topsheet shown below.

Apparel Wash Care Topsheet



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