GSP Certificates

You will need to establish whether your product will be arriving into the UK under preference. You can find out if your product is eligible to apply for a preferential certificate by contacting your local government office.

HM Revenue & Customs has published new guidance on UK GSP rules. The new rules started on 1st January 2021. It is no longer acceptable for registered exporters using the REX system to make their preferential origin statements on our TradeStone commercial invoices.

Goods that meet the GSP rules of origin requirements are still eligible to claim a lower rate of import duty on the basis of a valid proof of origin. A valid proof of origin must be:

  • A GSP Form A certificate – which does not need to be stamped and signed by the GSP country: you can submit a copy to the freight forwarder along with your other shipping documents.

These new instructions are only required for UK bound shipments where URBN is the Importer of Record and handles the customs clearance, duties, and taxes. Not following the above directions could lead to customs clearance delays.

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