Ticketing & Label Requirements

The apparel ticketing and label placement guide below details the three separate elements of Urban’s ticketing requirements and how product must arrive at the DC.

All delivered product must have:

  1.  Brand labels
  2. Poly bag- Can be ordered from a local source *Must have a suffocation warning on the polybag*


3.  SKU label (See pre-ticketing for more information)

 *IMPORTANT MESSAGE* – Any garments that arrive at the DC non-compliant of the above guidelines will be issued a non- negotiable chargeback.

Brand Labels

Vendors must purchase brand labels from an Urban Outfitters nominated source (listed below) and all labelling must be attached to the product before delivery.

Urban Outfitters Womens Brand Label and Insertion Guide

Urban Outfitters Mens Brand Label and Insertion Guide

Care labels may be printed locally using the artwork provided in the EU OB Testing Manual

OFU Label Manual

  • LabelTex Mills Incorporated

6100 Wilmington Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90001-1826
T: 323-582-0228
T: 800-523-TRIM
F: 323-582-3222
Contact: Rebecca Cocco
Email: Rebecca@labeltexusa.com

If you are unsure of the instructions given. Then reach out to compliance.eu@urbn.com . Please remember to provide a photograph of your product.