Large Homeware Guidelines

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The below guide covers furniture (Tables, Beds, Chairs etc…), Large Mirrors, Wall Art and Lighting products. The below is a mandatory requirement and must be carried out by the vendor. Any deviations from the below can result in a chargeback.


All large furniture items need to be wrapped securely, so no damage can occur to the product in transit. Then the product must be placed into an appropriate carton. The carton must be labelled with a Tradestone generated Carton Label and a colour picture must be provided of the item. If a coloured label can’t be provided the ‘alternative’ below will be accepted on the outside of the carton.

Photo45     Photo46     Photo47

Items Boxed into Multiple Cartons

If a product can’t fit into one carton it may be put into multiple cartons. Please note Tradestone can’t generate multiple Carton Labels for items packed in this way. Please generate the packing list as if the item was packed into one carton and print the Carton Label multiple times. Each carton must have a Tradestone Carton Label. In addition, every carton must be labelled as to show how many cartons there are for one unit.

Photo48     Photo49     Photo50

Fragile Items

In addition to all tickets and labels mentioned above, fragile items should have a Fragile Sticker on the carton. Please see examples below:

 Photo51     Photo52

Non Compliant Labelling

The photograph below shows an example of non-compliant packaging and labelling. Under no circumstances should product arrive to URBN UK LTD in this manner. It damages the product integrity and is deemed as defaced. If products arrive in this condition, we will issue a chargeback for non-compliance.


Remember all units should be packaged in an outer carton with a Tradestone carton label on the outside, and with the packing list on the first carton.

If you are unsure of the instructions, please contact also remember to provide a photograph of your product, your PO number and vendor ID.


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