Home Ticketing & Labelling Requirements

Please Note: In the interest of sustainability, we actively encourage the use of recyclable and recycled packaging. We are continuously reviewing our supply chain to identify areas in which we can make improvements.

As part of this activity we would appreciate that, wherever possible, plastics used during the packaging process are either fully recyclable or produced from recycled material. 

The apparel ticketing and label placement guide below details the three separate elements of Urban’s ticketing requirements and how product must arrive at the DC.

All delivered product must have:

  1.  Brand labels
  2. Poly bag- Can be ordered from a local source *But must have a suffocation warning printed on the polybag, it cannot be a sticker applied to the polybag*


3.  SKU label (See pre-ticketing for more information)*IMPORTANT MESSAGE* – Any products that arrive at the DC non-compliant of the above guidelines will be issued a non- negotiable chargeback.

Please specifically note on Polybags, the guidance offered on the RoSPA Website (https://www.rospa.com/en/FAQs/Detail?id=110):

“If the bag is big enough to cover a child’s head and is thin enough to cling to its mouth and nose, it presents a serious risk of suffocation. Therefore, if its opening perimeter is greater than 380mm:

Its average sheet thickness must be not less than 0.038mm (38microns) (average of 10 points measured along the diagonal of a sample sheet) and it must not have a drawstring or cord as a means of closing. The 0.038mm minimum thickness requirement does not apply to: shrunk-on film normally destroyed when packaging is opened; nor perforated film bags which do not create a vacuum and stick to the child’s face.

Any area of maximum dimensions 30mm x 30mm should have a minimum hole area of 1 per cent.

In summary, RoSPA advises:

  • Do not use plastic film less than 38microns thick
  • Use perforated bags wherever possible
  • Make sure there is a statement printed on the bag: WARNING – risk of suffocation. Keep away from young children.”