Getting Started

After you have successfully registered as an URBN vendor, please follow along with this checklist to ensure you are completing all required tasks! You will need to reference as well as your Tradestone manual for detailed instructions on these tasks.

 Before you receive your PO:

  1. Register with FineLine or CheckNet ­– our 3rd party ticket/label providers.
  2. Familiarize yourself with www.urbnvendor.comour vendor website – your new best friend!

After you receive your PO:

  1. You will receive tickets and / or labels from the EU print centre
  2. Purchase your tickets and/or labels from FineLine or CheckNet
  3. Prepare PO for shipment!
          -Mark product with required product marking
          -Review and comply with all regulatory requirements that pertain to your product
          -Package your product properly according to sell channel
          -Apply tickets & labels to your product prior to shipping
  4. Create your packing list 
  5. Create carton labels
  6. Follow the appropriate routing guide to arrange shipment
  7. Create an invoice
  8. Submit the invoice and any other required documents according to your specific payment method

If you have a question you cannot find the answer to – contact your local buying team!