Q. What is “pre-ticketing”?
A. All vendors are required to pre-ticket their orders prior to shipping to the URBN distribution centers. Pre-ticketing refers to the application of price tickets and direct barcode labels to the products before they are shipped. The tickets/labels must be ordered from the EU Print Centre, FineLine or CheckNet.

Please visit the Pre-ticketing section of the website-



Q. What is “product marking”?
A. Product marking refers to the proper labeling of products in order to comply with EU product marking laws. This includes Country of Origin marking, Care/Content labeling, etc. Please visit the Product Marking section of the website for more information.

 Q. I need to update my company information. How do I do this?
A. Vendors are able to update their company information by going to “Update Company Information” on the dashboard of Tradestone. If banking information needs to be updated, please contact your AP rep.

Q. I have a question about my invoice. Who should I contact?
A. All payment inquiries should be directed to your AP representative. Please see EU Billing instructions for AP representative contact information. Please note if you are paid via wire transfer or LC, your contacts are different. These are also provided on the Contact List.