Q: Why is my PO not showing up in the “Create a Packing List” query?

*There are only 2 reasons why a PO would not show up in the Create a Packing List query:

  • The PO is not in APPROVED/ACCEPTED status on URBN/Vendor side. Always verify the PO is in “APPROVED / ACCEPTED” status before attempting to build a packing list. If the status is “NEW”, “URBN REVISION”, “REQUEST CHANGE” or “URBAN RESPONSE”, the PO needs to be re-accepted.







  • A packing list has already been created OR has been created and deleted. The packing list still may be in the system. Always verify if a packing list has already been created, by searching for the Packing List from the dashboard. In the event there is no packing list, the status of the PO will need to be switched from PACKED to NEW to create a new packing list. *Reference the Reset PO to Build Packing List section for directions on how to switch a PO status from PACKED to NEW.

To search for a packing list that was previously created go to Search > Packing List from the left hand side of the Dashboard.






If the packing list is not found under the search menu it was most likely built and then deleted. In this case, the PO status will need to be switched from PACKED to NEW to build a new packing list. This can be done in the Reset PO to Build Packing List query.

Q: Why is my packing list status OUT OF TOLERANCE?

URBN allows vendors to ship a variance of + or – 5% at the SKU level. If exceeded, the packing list will indicate an OUT OF TOLERANCE status upon submission. In this event, you must notify the buyer to update the PO to match what is shipping. If you are in fact shipping the exact amount of units on the PO, you may have filled out your packing list incorrectly. Please check all totals to ensure you have entered the correct number of units.

Q: How can I build a carton when I am combining multiple styles, sizes, and/or colors in a single box?

  • Select the SKU’s that are being packed together in a single carton (there should be nothing entered in the required fields at this point).




  • Once the SKU’s are selected, click the “Mixed Carton” button




  • The lines selected will duplicate at the bottom into a mixed carton. The next number in the carton sequence will automatically populate in the Start and End Carton fields. The # of Cartons field will also automatically populate to 1.

For example: If the mixed SKU carton is Carton # 49 below, the fields for Carton # 1-48 should be completed first and then create the mixed carton.




  • If the original lines are not needed after the mixed carton is created, please be sure they are deleted. (See below instructions on deleting a row).

*A good way to confirm a “mixed carton” was successfully created is to make sure the new rows populated with a number in the Mixed Carton column. This correctly indicates these SKU’s will arrive in the same carton.