Pre-Ticketing and Packaging Compliance

Please use the headings on the right hand side to navigate your way around the DC Compliance requirements for URBN.

Please note, packing requirements are now the same for all channels (DIRECT, RETAIL, OMNI and WHOLESALE).

All delivered product must have a:

  1. Brand labels (as applicable)
  2. Price label (hangtags/price stickers)
  3. Poly bag
  4. Web label

For any queries relating to product markings or brand labels (queries of a design/manufacturing nature), please contact your buyer.

For any queries relating to the presentation of orders (including packaging/ticketing/labelling requirements for shipping) please contact

Any garments that arrive at the DC non-compliant of the above guidelines will be issued a non-negotiable chargeback.

Please Note: In the interest of sustainability, we actively encourage the use of recyclable and recycled packaging. We are continuously reviewing our supply chain to identify areas in which we can make improvements. As part of this activity we would appreciate that, wherever possible, plastics used during the packaging process are either fully recyclable or produced from recycled material. 

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