DDP Vendor Requirements

If you are shipping product to us from within the EU using your own arranged carrier, DDP terms will apply where you, the vendor, will act as the Importer of Record as a customs border is involved. Acting as the Importer of Record means that you are responsible for the accuracy of the customs entry, classification of the goods, ensuring the goods comply with entry laws and regulations and paying both export and import duties and taxes.

Shipping directly to us, means that the liability and cost sits with you, the vendor, until the order has reached URBN’s door.

To be able to deliver to us on DDP terms, you must have:

  • A registered entity in the UK
  • A UK EORI number and a nominated UK customs clearance agent

For full guidance on shipping to us on DDP terms, please see our Shipping Via Own Carrier page.

For those vendors who make a booking directly with our DC bookings team, you will now be required to enter a customs description in TradeStone before requesting the booking.

You will need to enter the customs description directly in TradeStone before contacting our bookings team. For more information on how to do this, please visit the customs description of goods page.

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