Customs Description of Goods

An important URBN initiative is ensuring all of our products – whether purchased directly from the source or through a market vendor.

** IMPORTANT ** Please follow the below guide to give you an indication on the UK CUSTOMS description requirements:



The vendor is responsible for entering the customs descriptions. The URBN customs team is responsible for entering the HTS.

On the Dashboard, under Vendor Tasks is the Update Customs Descriptions query. This is where you will go to enter the customs descriptions.

1.  Click on the Update Customs Descriptions query.

TS custom 1




2.  A list of items that still require customs descriptions will appear. The “Customs Description” field will appear blank.

TS custom 2.png





3.  In the “Customs Description” fields, enter a description of the goods to satisfy EU customs requirements.

TS custom 3

 *TIP: If you wish to update multiple lines with the same description, use your cursor to check all necessary rows and click Fill Down.

TS custom 4




4.  Once the correct descriptions are entered, click the Save button at the top right of the screen.

TS custom 5