Customs Compliance

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ALL vendors,  domestic & import, are required to complete customs descriptions for their items.

For URBN to make accurate declarations to HMRC for import into the U.K., it is essential that vendors provide accurate information needed for Customs entry:

  • Please note we also need this information for our own records. Tradestone is our record keeping system that all URBN parties can access (copywriters, merchandisers, tax department etc.).
  • Accurate product descriptions. This is to be managed in the update customs description query on the Tradestone homepage. This is the responsibility of the vendor to ensure accurate and timely entry of descriptions.
  • Each commodity has different requirements, for more information please visit:
  • Once the customs description is accurately completed, a HTS code will be assigned by URBN
  • Units and Prices must be accurate on the Tradestone Commercial Invoices
  • Actual manufacturer information must be on the Tradestone Commercial Invoice*Failure to comply with the above expectations may delay the shipping of a PO. If this occurs the vendor may be liable to pay holding fees or a non-compliance charge.*


All shipments for Urban Outfitters EU,  Anthropologie EU & Free People must be cleared under the correct entity.

Importer: URBN UK LTD. 146 Brick Lane, London, E1 6RU

  • Urban Outfitters EU
  • Anthropologie EU

Importer: URBN US Retail LLC. 5000 South Broad Street, Philadelphia, 19112

  • Free People Retail EU
  • Free People Digital EU

Importer: Urban Outfitters Wholesale Inc. Stephenson Harwood, 1 Finsbury Circus, London, EC2M 7SH.

  • Free People Wholesale EU

All the correct documentation to support clearance must be provided upon handover of goods.


For queries, please contact:

o for all specific customs and duty related queries

o for assistance with entering the information onto TradeStone

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