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URBN UK Contact List
Contact Name Business Area Email Address Description
EU Vendor Compliance Vendor Relations Email to contact for:
EU Destination Transportation Vendor Relations Email to contact for:
Shipping and Delivery
Customs & Duty
Nominated Carrier Scheme
EU Vendor Support Vendor Relations Email contact for:
Packing List & Commercial Invoice
Vendor Registration/Amendments
Carton Label Creation
Tradestone Queries
UK DC Bookings DC All booking requests (by own carrier vendors) should be sent to Brequest for allocation of delivery slot
Accounts Payable Finance Our dedicated accounts payable team are there to answer any queries that relate to when you are expected to be have your purchase order invoices paid.


Accounts Payable

Please remember that you email ALL Purchases Order invoices to the following email address-

You can find more information on this, by clicking the tab to the left side named Billing Information.