Chargeback Guidelines



It is extremely important that the product you deliver to the DC is fully compliant.

Product arriving at the DC non-compliant will require an element of rework to ensure product is ready for distribution to our stores or directly to the customer.

The DC will raise chargebacks for product arriving non-compliant.

Anthroplogie Chargebacks
Urban Outfitters Chargebacks

See above for  full guidelines to ensure your product type is compliant.

Our chargeback invoice will be charged at 3% of the Purchase Order invoice value + Labour + Materials (where applicable) + VAT (at 20%) (if they are a GBP vendor – VAT won’t get charged if the vendor is EUR or USD).

All chargebacks can be reviewed directly in TradeStone. This will give you access to all chargebacks raised against your account in the past 30 days. A reason will be provided for any POs delivered non-compliant. Please see below process on how to view these:

Reviewing a Chargeback in TradeStone

If you are unsure of our compliance requirements or have any questions surrounding chargebacks, then please contact your buyer.