Carton Packing Requirements

Please note, packing requirements are the same regardless of channel (DIRECT, RETAIL, OMNI and WHOLESALE).

  1. Carton Requirements

After following the Pre-Ticketing and Packaging Guidelines to ensure your PO is URBN Compliant, please ensure TradeStone carton labels are applied to the smaller side of each carton in the shipment. Please also ensure a TradeStone packing list is applied to the first carton in the shipment. These are both vital for the receiving process as the carton label is scanned upon arrival at the DC. For further guidance on how to generate a Tradestone Packing List, Carton labels and ASN (all of which are required to receive goods at the DC) please see the video tutorial on How to Create a Packing List, Carton Label and Invoice.

The weight of each carton must not exceed 13kgs unless the individual unit is greater than 13kgs. Any carton heavier than 13kgs containing more than 1 Unit requires URBN approval before shipping and would need to be appropriately marked. Please mark the carton on the outside as ‘HEAVY- 2 PERSON LIFT’. Please contact EU Compliance for approval on this before shipping.

Cartons can be sealed with regular clear tape or brown tape where possible. Paper or sustainable options are preferable.

  1. Mixed Carton Requirements

Multiple POs must not be mixed within a carton. Vendors are discouraged from mixing SKUs/styles within a PO and encouraged to pack one SKU per carton whenever possible. However, SKUs/styles can be mixed in a carton within a PO as long as they are clearly separated, using lightweight, recyclable material. The MIXED Carton function must be used on the Tradestone Packing List for all Cartons containing MIXED SKUs, please see the video tutorial on How to Create a Mixed Carton.

  1. Apparel Hanger Requirements

We do not accept product delivered in hanging boxes without approval. Please do not ship clothing on hangers. All apparel should be folded and flat packed in individual poly-bags, per Pre-Ticketing and Packaging Guidelines.

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