Billing and Payment

All vendors, except UK VAT registered vendors  are required to generate and send a Tradestone invoice within 5 days of your order being docked in the DC.

UK VAT registered vendors are required to send their self-generated VAT invoice(s) to-

Payment Terms:  All URBN UK LTD invoices are paid as per the terms outlined on the PO. A Tradestone invoice must be submitted to Accounts Payable for each purchase order. Invoices should not be submitted to the buyer or with the shipment to ensure timely payment of merchandise. All invoices should be submitted at the time the order ships. Delays in submitting invoices or failure to submit invoices directly to Accounts Payable may result in a delay of payment. 

All invoices must be Tradestone invoices, except if you are a UK VAT registered vendor. An additional invoice is not required. Invoices require the following information to be approved for payment:

  • Invoice number
  • Invoice date
  • Remittance address
  • URBN UK LTD. vendor number
  • URBN UK LTD. purchase order number
  • URBN UK LTD. SKU and color
  • Product description
  • Unit cost (inclusive of all discounts and allowances)
  • Vendor item number
  • Quantity
  • Total amount owed
  • Country of Origin

If you are under a factoring agreement, you must indicate your factor’s name and remittance address on the Tradestone invoice under the “Additional Information” section.

Note: The Payment of an invoice will not constitute acceptance of goods and will be subject to adjustments for errors, shortages, defects in the goods, or other failure of the vendor to meet the requirements of their agreement.

Invoicing for Samples: Samples are provided by the vendor at no charge to URBN UK LTD.

Please contact for all inquiries if an invoice is 15 days past due.

To Request Updates to Banking Information                 

Invoices should be generated on Tradestone at the time goods are shipped. Please reference the Tradestone manual for further instructions on how to generate your invoice.  If you wish to email your Tradestone invoice, you may do so to: Please note, if the invoice is generated in Tradestone it does not need to be emailed as well.

No response from this email address will be made.  All inquiries should be sent directly to the A/P Representative listed above.

If you prefer to send invoices via regular mail please send to the address below:

Urban Outfitters Inc.   
146 Brick Lane
London E1 6RU

Invoice Query Contact

If you have any queries surrounding your invoices being paid. Then please reach out to the below dedicated accounts query team for your EU orders only.

*URBN Anthro WHOLESALE Update*

EU Merchandise Invoice – Processed by US Accounts Payable – All invoices should be sent to, if not generated in TradeStone.

EU Commission Invoices – Processed by UK Accounts Payable – All invoice should be sent to

If there are questions regarding payment, the vendor should reach out