Billing and Payment

All vendors are required to generate a Tradestone invoice prior to shipping an order. Non-Tradestone invoices are accepted by exception only, prior agreement must be sought before submitting a non-Tradestone invoice. All invoices that are required for import purposes must be generated in Tradestone.

Once one invoice is generated, multiple POs can be added to the same invoice if the POs are shipping together. For further guidance on how to do this, please see page 61 of the TS User Manual!

Please reference the Tradestone User Manual for instructions on how to generate your invoice. Please note, when the invoice is generated in Tradestone it should not be emailed to AP, it will automatically send to AP upon receipt of goods at the EU URBN facility. Please therefore ensure the invoice is generated prior to shipping the goods. Failure to do so will result in payment delays.

How to Check whether your POs have been Received in TradeStone

UK VAT registered vendors

UK VAT registered vendors are required to advise that they need the functionality to add VAT to their commercial invoice. Different access to Tradestone is required for this functionality.

Please refer to the two following PDFs for further assistance with VAT and guidance on how to add VAT to a commercial invoice.

Tradestone VAT – Vendor Helpsheet

Adding VAT to a Commercial Invoice

Payment Terms:  All URBN UK LTD invoices are paid as per the terms outlined on your PO, this is generally NET 60 days after the point of receipt at our facility. Other payment terms are by exception only and should be agreed with the buying team prior to your PO being raised.

A Tradestone invoice must be generated for each purchase order, unless otherwise agreed. Delays in submitting invoices or failure to submit invoices via the Tradestone portal may result in a delay of payment. 

In the event it has been agreed that you can submit your own invoice to our AP team (Domestic invoices only), then it must require the following information to be approved for payment:

  • Invoice number
  • Invoice date
  • Remittance address
  • URBN UK LTD. vendor number
  • URBN UK LTD. purchase order number
  • URBN UK LTD. SKU and color
  • Product description
  • Unit cost (inclusive of all discounts and allowances)
  • Vendor item number
  • Quantity
  • Total amount owed
  • Country of Origin
  • VAT Number (Where applicable)

If you are under a factoring agreement, you must indicate your factor’s name and remittance address on the Tradestone invoice under the “Additional Information” section.

Note: The Payment of an invoice will not constitute acceptance of goods and will be subject to adjustments for errors, shortages, defects in the goods, or other failure of the vendor to meet the requirements of their agreement.


If your billing name/company legal name is changing, please contact your buyer and EU VR Support immediately as changes to this information may impact existing purchase orders and result in payment delay. Please ensure you send copies of the legal documents confirming the name change to URBN EU Vendor Relations Team at


EU Billing address updates should be communicated directly to EU Vendor Relations.  Please include your 5-digit URBN Vendor ID and new address for updates to be made.  Please contact URBN EU Vendor Relations for billing address updates:


Vendor Banking information is not always visible on the Tradestone/Bamboo Rose Vendor Party Record. Vendors often only have access to view the Default Currency, Default Pay Type, Pay Term, Bank Country, and Factor Assignment.

All requests to update the Banking Information (Bank Name, Bank Acct Number/IBAN, ABA/Swift/Sort Code) on the Tradestone/Bamboo Rose Party record must be sent to the EU Finance Team –

To update any existing banking information, AP require the following details for both your old and new account details, presented on your Company Letterhead:

Bank Name

UK – Sort Code

UK – Account Number



ROW – Account Number

ROW – Intermediary Bank details as applicable

CURR of Payments

AP will then perform verification checks to protect you and URBN from any fraudulent activity. These details should be sent to the AP team at:

Billing and Payment Key Contacts: for submission of self-generated VAT invoices only as per the above guidance. for submission of the following invoices: DropShip, commission/agency fees and samples. For all invoice and payment queries relating to EU Purchase Orders only. For all updates to billing details, contacts and banking details. for any other general queries that do not fall into the above.

Invoicing for Samples: Samples are provided by the vendor at no charge to URBN UK LTD.


If you prefer to send invoices via regular mail please send to the address below:

146 Brick Lane
E1 6RU

EU Merchandise Invoice – All invoices should be sent to, if not generated in TradeStone. The invoice should clearly show the system generated Purchase Order for the goods being billed. If there are questions regarding payment, the vendor should reach out

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