ticket and label requirements

URBN MAC WAC Compliance Guideline

URBN Beauty Compliance Guideline

URBN SHOES Ticketing Labelling Guide

Once you have received your labels and tickets from the nominated print providers, you will be required to apply these to the product in a specific manner. This is as follows:

  • POLY-BAG- *Must have a suffocation warning on the polybag*



*IMPORTANT MESSAGE* – Any product that arrive at the DC out of the below guidelines (non-compliant) will be issued a non- negotiable chargeback- there is more information on this on the following link-

The below link will give you a guide on how we require our Accessories and Shoes to arrive at our DC.

If you are unsure of the instructions given. Then reach out to inbound@urbn.com . Please remember to provide a photograph of your product.