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If you have a query you need some support with, please direct your email to the correct team below.

Please note the SLA’s for each inbox and allow this time to pass before sending chaser emails as this will only delay the response. – SLA 48hours

o All questions and queries relating to the presentation of orders including packaging, ticketing and labelling requirements – SLA 48hours

o All questions and queries relating to the shipping and delivery of orders

o All questions and queries relating to our nominated carriers; EV Cargo, Advanced, Zencargo and DSV – for carrier contact details, please see our Transportation page! – SLA 48hours

o All TradeStone packing list, carton label and commercial invoice creation queries

o All vendor set up queries

o All questions and queries relating to the general use of Tradestone

o All questions relating to when you are expected to have your purchase order invoices paid 

o Updates to the financial profile/banking information on TradeStone

o Payment portal access and queries (iSupplier)

All questions relating to Print Centre tickets/labels only!  For service bureau (Elite, Checknet and Fineline) contact information, please visit the Service Bureaus page.

o For all own carrier deliveries, please arrange a booking with the DC. 

Customs Compliance Contacts:

General Customs related queries-

EV Cargo clearances-

UKCS clearances-


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