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If you have a query you need some support with, please direct your emails to the below inboxes based on your question.

Please DO NOT simply copy all the addresses and send the email, any emails received to all of the inboxes will take longer to resolve as we will need to talk to the various teams covering off these inboxes to ensure only one reply is sent. Please therefore decide which of the inboxes to send your request to and action it once. 

o All questions and queries relating to the presentation of orders including packaging, ticketing and labelling requirements

o All questions and queries relating to the shipping and delivery of orders

o All questions and queries relating to our nominated carriers; Allport, Advanced, Davies Turner and DSV

o All TradeStone packing list, carton label and commercial invoice creation queries

o All vendor set up queries

o All questions and queries relating to the general use of Tradestone

o All customs and duty related queries

o All questions relating to when you are expected to have your purchase order invoices paid 

Own carrier deliveries; Please note that all DC delivery requests and bookings should still be sent to the email address.

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