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Please click here for an important announcement regarding recent updates to the URBN PLM System

(28 SEPTEMBER 2017)

After you have successfully registered as an URBN UK Ltd vendor, please follow along with this checklist to ensure you are completing all required tasks! You will need to reference urbnvendor.com/uk as well as your Tradestone manual for detailed instructions on these tasks..

Before you receive your PO:

  1. Register with FineLine or CheckPoint ­– our 3rd party ticket/label providers.
  2. Log on to Tradestone– get acquainted with the system you will use to manage your PO’s!
  3. Familiarize yourself with urbnvendor.com/UKYour vendor website

After you receive your PO:

Capture for the siteIf you have a question you cannot find the answer to – contact the Inbound Team:


All questions and queries relating to chargebacks,

All questions and queries on the presentation of orders (packaging/ticketing/labelling etc)


All questions and queries relating to the shipping and delivery of orders

All customs and duty related queries

All questions and queries relating to our nominated carriers

  • Allport Cargo Services
  • Advanced
  • Davies Turner

Please note that all DC delivery requests and bookings should still be sent to the brequests@urbn.com email address


All packing list and commercial invoice creation queries

All vendor registration queries

All carton label creation queries

All questions and queries relating to Tradestone