Sample Requirements

Urban Outfitters Sample Requirements for China Tmall order


Sample Type Requirements/Expectations

In addition to the below requirements, please see the import Sample Requirement Guide for the proper mutilation and valuation of samples.

Top of Production (TOP) Samples:

Production quality pulled from bulk production

  • Fit approved
  • Final packaging, including China safety tag
  • Sample sent to production
  • Must have BLUE tag attached
  • Information required on tag that vendor supplied (if applicable):
    -Brand Marked
    -Date TOP was sent
    -Agent Name
    -Factory Name
    -Also need marked “Correct”: designed correct, production fabric, production yarn,       production trim, production hardware, construction correct, weight correct, wash/dry correct.
TOP Due Date (Ownbrand and Market brand):

Due no later than 10 days prior to the start ship date

Sending / Submitting CN TOPs:

CN TOPs are required for approval and must include the China Safety Tag attached as well as the Global Care Label.  TOP submitted without properly labeled and tagged garments will not be approved.

  • Market Vendors can send photos of TOP, main label, Global care/size label and China Safety Tag via email to for approval.  Buying will communicate all requests and requirements for physical samples directly to the vendor as needed.
  • Ownbrand: One piece of each color ordered on CN POs is to be sent to the below address:
    ATTN: Milo Fu
    ROOM 103, 4th FLOOR, NO.696 WEIHI ROAD
    TEL: +86-13817193509

A copy of the approved Garment Testing must be attached to the CN Safety Tag.  TOP submitted without properly labelled and tagged garments will not be approved.
**Ownbrand Vendors can send photos of TOP, main label, Global size/care label and China safety tag though email to save approval time, then send physical TOP sample to URBN Shanghai.

Ownbrand TOP size request:

-Top S
-Bottom S
-Denim 25
-Numeric Dress/Pant – 2

-Top M
-Bottom M
-Denim 32

*Market TOP size requests will be communicated to the vendor by buying as needed.