Q. What is Tradestone?
A. Tradestone is the system you will use to manage your purchase orders from start to finish. Tradestone is where you will receive and accept your orders, enter your customs descriptions, build your packing lists, print your carton labels, send the ASN & generate your invoices. It is required that all vendors process orders through Tradestone. Please see the Tradestone Manual for detailed instructions on how to use the system.


Q. My Tradestone packing list is “Out of Tolerance”. What does this mean?
A. We allow vendors to ship within a 5% variance of the units ordered, for order quantities that exceed 1000 units, and 10% for orders with quantities that are under 10%. If you are shipping over/under this allowable tolerance, the system will alert you that the order is “Out of Tolerance” and to contact your buyer. The buyer must approve the overage/shortage and update the PO to reflect this. Once the PO is updated, you can re-submit your packing list, and the status should switch to “Approved” if the quantities on the packing list fall within the allowable tolerance. Please be noted that the units you shipped must be consistent with the information on packing list.


Q. I have a small order and will ship all units in one box. How do I indicate this on the Tradestone packing list?
A. If you are combining multiple SKUs from the same PO in one box, you must create a “Mixed Carton”. Please reference the Tradestone Manual for instructions on how to create a Mixed Carton properly.


Q. I cannot remember my password for Tradestone. What should I do?
A. Contact China.vendorsupport@urbn.com in order to receive your login credentials. Please always use your Tradestone user ID (Example. VEN-12345-12) to login to the system.


Q. How do I get paid?
If you are an import vendor, you will need to generate a Tradestone invoice in order to be paid. Please see the CN Import Billing section for details on invoice submission based on your payment method.
If you are a domestic vendor, you will need to submit official VAT invoice to your buyer after shipments received by URBN Shanghai. Payment will only be proceeded after receipt of VAT invoice, for details please refer to the contract.



Q. How to determine if I am an import vendor or domestic vendor?  What is Private Label?

  • IMPORT Vendor is classified as a vendor that sells product to URBN Shanghai while using the assistance of URBN Wholesale to import product into CN.
  • DOMETSIC Vendor is classified as a vendor that sells product to URBN Shanghai domestically, without using the assistance of URBN wholesale to Import product into CN.
  • Private label refers to URBN partnering with a market vendor to label the product under the UO brand. Private label vendors are always Market never Ownbrand, but can be either import or domestic.  Private label vendors are required to comply with Product Marking requirement outlined by the Buyer, regardless of Import / Domestic designation.



Q. What is a customs description?
A. Vendors shipping to China must include the total content of the garment shell, lining and filling (if applicable) in their Tradestone Customs Description.  Content for each piece of the garment should equal 100% in total.




Q. What tests are required to ship goods to China?
Please ensure proper Product Standard is selected prior to testing, contact mfu@urbn.com with any questions.


Q. What if I cannot find my POs on ticketing Service Bureau website?
Contact mfu@urbn.com, enclosed with PO#s which cannot be found.